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Creating templates for GROU.PS and wanna share it with others? Here's your place then.

Let us explain all the sections that you can visit:

Artists: members of this group. more you contribute, more visibility you get
Forum: the place to ask and discuss
News: when we release a new template or pick your work, we announce it here
Gallery: before releasing your template, you can publish it in the Gallery, so that people can vote and comment. place to get some good feedback.
Howtos: newbie? or need more information. here's where you can learn more.
Downloads: finally... submit all your works here.

Note that all works shared here should be licensed under the LGPL license.


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sample Assignment https://sampleassignment953407926.wordpress.com/2018/11/05/write-assignments-just-like-a-pro-assignment-maker/

As an assignment maker, we try to follow some basic steps that make our assignments worthy of HD grades. So, let us transfer this knowledge to you, as you might wander here and there with your inquisitive minds for these answers. Wont you? So, brace yourselves and read along to find the answer to the mystery of writing a perfect assignment.
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karenminton435 How to Fix Cannot Upload Videos Error on Instagram
Instagram is a vast social media network to share pictures and videos online with friends and followers. But some users reported the problem with Instagram. According to them, social media is not uploading the videos.

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billymark8663 How to Solve iCloud Backup Is Greyed Out
iCloud is undeniably another source to back up the device. But the iPhone users are reporting about the iCloud Backup is Greyed Out problem. It is sure that the situation must be full of panic because the user cannot turn on the facility. Though there are other ways to back up the device in other services like iTunes, iCloud is more convenient, and hence nobody would like to lose it.
billymark8663 How to Stop Personalized Ads in Windows 10 Apps
Advertisements are one of the most annoying things that everyone hates. Nobody would want to see the annoying ads popping up randomly and irritating them when they are online. In Microsoft Windows 10, the advertisements can come up in the Start menu, Cortana search, the Lock Screen, Microsoft Edge, Action Center, etc. All these services show the personalized ads which you have given permission to access the personal information.
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