Hp Printer Support Assistant Note that there's a distinction between a paper jam and a carriage jam, albeit one will cause the opposite. Auyeung1962's answer worked for clearing a carriage jam message on my horsepower PhotoSmart c4385 that continued once the paper manner was clear, the print carriage was moving unreservedly, management was Affirmed, and a tough reset had been performed.

The carriage of a printer is that they get along that holds the ink cartridges and slides forward and backward to exchange ink onto printer paper. Paper jams will a number of the time result in hp printer carriage jam error, notably within the wake of the acquisition on thicker paper like an associate envelope. At the purpose, once the carriage slows down, you'll hear a pounding clamor because the printer endeavors to maneuver the carriage. the problem is that the mechanical arm is treed, that keeps the carriage from moving.

In explicit, the hp printer carriage jam Auyeung1962 alludes to is associate inkjet wiper plate that sits below the cartridges on the proper aspect of the printer. The plate ought to slide effectively forward and backward, at right points to the print carriage, with solely a touch faltering once the wipers go below a scrubber bar that sits behind the carriage.