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Dec, 8


merlin1122 has uploaded a new photo 100-2700MHz All Frequency Jamming Device http://www.jammer-buy.com/high-power-jammer/p-6982.html.
merlin1122 Here in this category, some Lojack and 4G jammers are presented.The Lojack is low spectrum signal which is used in vehicle tracking.Although it is not as popular as GPS tracking,Lojack can be used to track new motorcycles,some vehicles and  advanced laptops.  http://www.jammer-buy.com/lojack-4g-jammer/c-35.html
merlin1122 Nowadays cell phone is widely used and everyone would keep a phone wherever they go.But there are some situations that we need to be quiet or solemn like court, church,meeting room,school examination room.And sometimes people need to be quiet to learn,to read. That is what cell jammers used for.
merlin1122 has uploaded a new photo High power cell phone jammer .
merlin1122 If you need to go out with the jamming device,a portable jammer is your choice.To meet different people's needs,there are various portable signal blockers here such as portable cell phone jammers,handheld gps jammers,portable WiFi blockers or you can choose the multi-functional portable jammers.In a word,these jammers are all easy to carry.  http://www.jammer-buy.com/portable-jammer/c-36.html
merlin1122 posted a new message on the forum GPS interference and confrontation.
merlin1122 has uploaded a new photo Vehicle Mounted GPS Jamming Device http://www.jammer-buy.com/gps-jammer/p-6967.html.
merlin1122 posted a new message on the forum How to secure your WiFi .
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