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fdgggggggg 7 years ago
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"Prometheus" may not have been the big winner at the box office this past weekend, but that doesn’t mean Ridley Scott will ignore the potential for a sequel.

“Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” took the top spot at with $60 million over the weekend, though “Prometheus” had a good showing itself, raking in $51 million its opening weekend.

It’s enough for “Prometheus” director Scott to return to what Jimmy Choo Boots he started with “Alien” and what he led up to in “Prometheus.”

Given the fact that there is some information I can’t get around not mentioning, the rest Jimmy Choo Booties of this article will contain spoilers for “Prometheus.”

I’ve watched interviews with Scott, who talked about the reasons why he made “Prometheus.” He discussed that the other “Alien” sequels didn’t really address the questions he thought should be addressed in the franchise – likely, who the “space jockeys” were and how the xenomorphs were created.

He also noted that the way he put “Prometheus” together could lead to a separate franchise.

At the end of the science-fiction movie, we see Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) off to get some answers from the Engineers with some navigational help from the android Jimmy Choo Flats David (Michael Fassbender). Since those were the only two characters you cared about, and Fassbender was easily the best part of the movie (though I hope he gets his head fixed to his body for the sequel), I don’t see a problem with a sequel focusing on them.

The problem that fans and critics would say about these sequel plans was the way Scott handled the Engineers and the more intellectual themes in “Prometheus.”

In “Prometheus,” the Engineers were credited with starting the human race and later found to be planning the destruction of humankind. Unfortunately, a lot of other questions were left unanswered in the movie – maybe because Scott already had plans to do a sequel or just because it didn’t fit into the last part of the movie, making everyone squirm in their seats as they watched some “Alien”-esque gore.

zakbowden1 3 months ago
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