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Home Republicans, stung by the Supreme Court choice upholding President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, are seizing on 1 wrinkle to bolster their election-year situation for repeal the court's judgment that the penalty for failing to obtain insurance coverage is really a tax.

The Home has voted more than 30 occasions to scrap, defund or undercut the law Jordan Shoes since Obama signed it in March 2010, political moves that went nowhere within the Democratic-controlled Senate. Republican opponents cast the law as government overreach, socialized medicine and an unaffordable approach towards the nation's system of well being care.

Two weeks after the conservative-led court's ruling, the House GOP leadership pushed for another symbolic repeal vote on Wednesday having a fresh argument. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in his majority opinion that the law was constitutional simply because it imposes a tax not a penalty on people who refuse to buy insurance. Republicans who repeatedly pressed for repeal stated a "yes" vote wouldn't only overturn the law but spare some 20 million Americans from an unnecessary tax.

The law's onerous burdens and taxes, Republicans complained, had been stifling little companies now reluctant to hire because of the additional expenses. This represented a clear obstacle to the country's financial recovery.

They also pointed out that Obama had promised not to raise taxes on the middle class, and also the fee for failing to get insurance would do just that.

"As the Supreme Court ruled, the cornerstone Womens Jordan Shoes from the Democrats' health care law, the person mandate, is really a massive tax," stated House Methods and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich., during the daylong debate Tuesday. "This is a significant tax with significant implications. Democrats have argued that the person mandate was necessary to enhance the nation's well being. So what is next? Will they require you to purchase low-fat or low-salt foods or spend a tax because they believe it's good for you?"

Democrats countered that the penalty for not buying insurance coverage was directed at people who could afford it.

"Otherwise you are passing the price on to us," said Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash. "You're a freeloader. The Republicans are glorifying freeloaders."

Below the law, Americans who don't get qualified health insurance will be needed to pay the penalty or tax starting for the 2014 tax year, unless they are exempt due to low income, religious beliefs or simply because they're members of American Indian tribes. The penalty will be fully phased in by 2016, when it'll be $695 for each uninsured adult or 2.5 percent of family members revenue, whichever is greater, up to $12,500.

Democrats circulated a memorandum having a series of quotes from most likely Republican Air Jordan Flight presidential nominee Mitt Romney in which he defends the so-called individual mandate of the Massachusetts' health care law that he secured as governor. Obama's law was closely modeled on the universal-coverage strategy that Romney instituted in his state. That plan penalized people who failed to comply with the requirement to buy insurance, just like the Obama overhaul will do.

Romney, the Democrats pointed out, stated in June 2005 that "everyone should either turn out to be insured or preserve sufficient savings to cover their medical costs. We can't expect some citizens to spend for others who can afford to spend some or all of their own way."

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