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Ive spent a lot of time recently - more than I would have liked - clearing up some misconceptions about LTPD (Long-Term Player Development, introduced by the Canadian Soccer Association in 2008, for those of you who are new here). Adam Burish Authentic Blackhawks Jersey . The biggest misconception regards the removal of scores and standings in youth soccer for kids under the age of 12. There have been players, parents and coaches alike who have been critical of this initiative, suggesting that it will remove the competitiveness that our kids need in order to succeed in life, and that there will be no reason for them to play soccer if the scores and standings are not recorded. While there is no doubt that players need to learn the valuable life lessons that come from winning and losing in sport - after all, there are winners and losers in every walk of life, something that every child will eventually come to discover - do critics really believe that children need to learn these lessons when they are 8, 9, 10 or 11 years old, before they have even acquired the skills with which to play the game? I have no issue with people being critical of LTPD. After all, everyone is entitled to have an opinion. But would it not be wise for critics to first read the document before coming to the conclusion that it wont work? You see, if critics actually took the time to read the LTPD document, they would realize that stages 5 and 6 - Train to Compete and Train to Win - are all about winning and losing. The lessons taught in these stages guide young players in how to compete - to play for victory - and how to deal with the disappointment of defeat and how to handle adversity. I often search for analogies when trying to explain to critics why LTPD is so important. If critics can see it in a context that they can understand, then perhaps they can be won over. So critics, consider your childs elementary school. Your childs teacher is responsible for educating all of the students under his or her care; he or she is responsible for teaching them, collectively, the skills they need to succeed at a higher level of the education system, and by extension, in life. Your childs teacher does this by introducing new ideas and concepts on a frequent basis, measuring your childs retention of this information, and then tailoring further teaching methods so that every child in the class reaches the desired level of development. Some children are faster on the uptake than others, but in the end, the goal is for every child to graduate to the next level of the education system. Now, imagine if your childs teacher allowed a couple of kids - those who were naturally brighter than their classmates - to write all of the assessments for the entire class. Your child may come home with an A - which would make you and them happy, Im sure - but they wouldnt have achieved it themselves, nor would they have learned anything in the process. Now, do you think your child would succeed in their education when the teacher moved on to more advanced ideas and concepts? Do you think they would be prepared to succeed in their education - and in life - if they glossed over their education with false rewards such as these, by letting other students do all of their work? Or would your child more likely become frustrated with school, eventually wanting to quit because they werent given the opportunity to acquire the skills they needed in order to do the work themselves? This is effectively what is happening in youth soccer in our country. In place of new ideas and concepts being introduced in a classroom, substitute new skills and techniques being introduced in practice on a soccer field. In place of tests and assessments in being used to measure retention in school, substitute soccer games and tournaments being used as measurements of success. However, rather than being used for their intended purpose - vehicles to assess learning needs - games and tournaments are being used as indicators of achievement, regardless of how that achievement is attained. The endless pursuit of winning is blinding people to the absence of teaching and learning. The vast majority of success in the current structure of youth soccer comes through advanced development – usually physical in nature – of just a few players. Usually, this success also comes at the expense of the development of those players who are less advanced. They are often sloughed off to the side, or worse, replaced by players from elsewhere who are equally advanced in their physical development. Under the current system, it is the big, strong, fast player who succeeds in youth soccer, not the skillful one with potential that needs to be refined. Organizations who achieve success the right way - by teaching all of their players the fundamentals - do exist, but they are few and far between. And until the emphasis shifts away from winning games and onto developing the skills of every player, those organizations will be the exception, and not the norm. This is why LTPD is so important. You wouldnt tolerate your childs education being abused like it is in the analogy Ive just described. So why would you allow their soccer education to suffer the same abuse? Cristobal Huet Blackhawks Jersey . Camara has 36 goals and 24 assists in 48 games this season with Barrie Colts of the Ontario Hockey League. Daniel Carcillo Jersey Authentic . The Atlanta Braves arent complaining. Medlen, who started the season as a little-known reliever, had a career-high 13 strikeouts and the Braves pulled out a 2-1 victory over the first-place Washington Nationals when Andrelton Simmons scored on a throwing error in the ninth inning Friday night. http://www.nhlblackhawksfansshop.com/denis-savard-jersey-stanley-cup/ . Players, fans and media who cover the team were all surprised when team president Joey Saputo announced Saturday morning that Marsch was out as head coach despite leading the expansion squad to a better-than-expected 12-16-6 record. Stan Mikita Jersey . The Wolverines werent fazed by another road game in a raucous arena of a highly ranked opponent. ED Belfour Jersey . Rose, last years NBA MVP, says his knee is fine after crashing into Parker -- and the Eastern Conference leaders are still rolling along. Shaking off a scary-looking collision with Parker in the first quarter, Rose scored 29 points and Chicago cooled off the streaking Spurs 96-89.Shenzhen, China (Sports Network) - Li Na of China and Czech Klara Zakopalova were easy semifinal winners Friday and will meet for the title at the inaugural Shenzhen Open. The top-seeded Li eased past countrymate Peng Shuai, 6-4, 6-0, while the fifth-seeded Zakopalova was a 6-1, 6-3 winner over Romanias Monica Niculescu. Li struggled with her serve in the first set and was broken twice, but managed to break Peng three times before dominating the second set. The former French Open champ won 25 of the 33 total points plaayed in the second set. Keith Magnuson Jersey Authentic . . Zakopalova converted 6-of-8 break opportunities while saving 5-of-7 break chances by Niculescu en route to her first final appearance since 2010. She is just 2-5 all-time in finals and hasnt won a tournament since 2005. Li is 6-8 in finals, including just 1-3 last year. Her lone title came at the U.S. Open tune-up in Cincinnati. Zakopalova has won two of the three lifetime meetings against Li, although last years lone matchup was a 6-1, 6-0 Li rout in Indian Wells. ' ' ' 
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