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Japanese Fashion Autumn Clothing Collection

(1) Nude pink wholesale fashion topsfestooned with naughty cute doll collar, looked cute and well-behaved. Wild black pleated skirt fashion elegant classic hit, metal chain small bag compact, elegant and fresh black ribbon Department straw hat, wearing black in Phnom Penh black watch, in the sun exudes intellectual breath yet. Delicate clavicle collarbone chain curves show the sexy beautiful neck.


(2) Floral elements in fashion this year, fashion sisters certainly will not miss it. Unlike the whole design of the small floral pattern skirt, bright flowers will be a full pink skirt as canvas, blooming beautiful appearance. Sun dress against the background of the flowers seem particularly viable, waist waistband sketched out exuberant narrow waist, round frame sunglasses will always be representative of urban fashion element, is truly charming than flowers, Yan than bells and whistles.


(3) Black chiffon lace elements and elements with a very refreshing complement each other, sexy lace and cool blue sky out of the collision of different style, casual comfort and lack of care unit. Crocheted lace collar shirt holding a sweet bow, black skirt with black lace full lady style, golden wristbands highlights your unique aesthetic taste.


(4) Comments Fashion

Hawaii wind patterns make a simple T-shirt colorful skirt straight up, simple but not dull, wear this even would prefer dazzle mirror sunglasses, fashion degree soared hundred percent!


(5) Comments Fashion

Retro print dress brings sweet pastoral atmosphere, flower garden in full bloom, blooming flowers filled with the taste of spring, with a short help Martin boots, youth and sweet.


(6) Summer travel hat skirt collocation

Crush wearing a white shirt with sky blue chiffon loose chiffon skirt full of goddess temperament, a resort style straw hat, pink bags and sandals make the T BlingBling shape considerably!


(7) Summer travel dress with hat

Sky blue satin jumpsuit dress noble and generous, revealing  beauty back strap design, with a straw hat suitable for everyday wear, gold watch to catch the trendy styling plus a lot! In autumn, it’s better to match with korean fashion coats.


(8) Summer travel dress with hat 4

Pastoral style to crush Polka Dot shirt with floral retro dress, full of flavor scholar, a pair of blue high heels even more flavor, wearing a straw hat in the style of the city is full of play is very suitable!


(9) Summer travel dress with hat 5

Bright yellow chiffon dress to bring out the crush white skin, yellow in the sun against the background of abnormal eye-catching, with a straw hat is very suitable to go out to play, crush floral pouches allow modeling is no longer monotonous.


(10) Summer travel dress with hat 6

Crush white chiffon japanese style clothing build fairy temperament, irregular hem dress off pink lady temperament, with white and pink make crush, coupled with fluorescence necklace

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