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National analysts blast Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant's sideline tantrums

Just about everybody in the football world had a reaction to Dez Bryant's multiple sideline blowups during last Sunday's loss to the Lions. Here's what some of them are saying:

MMQB's Peter King: "It doesn't matter that Bryant was peeved about being targeted only six times against the Lions. There are ebbs and flows to every season and every great player won't get the ball as much as he'd like. Bryant did get 16 balls thrown his way last week in Philly. Did he forget that? Bryant needs to be careful or he'll find himself with the same of kind of baby reputation that ended up marring Terrell Owens' career unnecessarily."

Former Ravens coach Brian Billick: "It's a shame that his rants became the story instead of his great play on the field, but that is part of the maturation process in this league. Look across the field, you don't see Calvin Johnson acting that way. Larry Fitzgerald has played with some of the most incompetent quarterbacks in the league in the past two seasons, you don't see him acting that way. AJ Green is one of the best deep ball receivers in the NFL and plays with a quarterback that struggles mightily with his deep ball accuracy, but you don't see him acting out on the sidelines."

ESPN's Jason Whitlock: "Bryant won't overcome if we lie to him and rationalize his obvious errors. He was clearly out of bounds on Sunday. He was too caught up in the one on one duel he was having inside his head between himself and Megatron."

Fox Sports' Mike Garafolo: "It was Megatron vs. Megamouth. . Bryant, who started the chatter last week by basically saying he can do whatever Johnson can do, created a needless storyline in addition to the dominant one that of a terrific football game and Derek Carr Raiders Jersey an outstanding duel between two of the best receivers in the game."

Deion Sanders: "He is the only guy on that team that plays with that kind of passion. The only guy. There is a way to channel it, but I love the passion. There is nothing wrong with what he did."

Redskins running back Alfred Morris: "You've got to have some kind of cojones to something lilke that If I'm a quarterback and the receiver says give me the ball, I'm like, 'I'm not throwing to him.' I personally wouldn't do anything like that. It's a terrible idea."

Chad Johnson: "That's merely frustration. I've been in that position before. I don't think I've ever really got into an altercation with my quarterback, let alone my teammate, but I know where Dez is coming from and the frustration that he's feeling for them to be even in that situation, in that predicament, to be losing. To me he's their best offensive weapon, to me. Going into half time with one target for five yards. That's ridiculous. Sometimes you have to get like that. It's a wakeup call."

Michael Irvin: "It is just passion. You have to know how to address that kind of passion. He doesn't have a problem with Jason Witten. He doesn't have a problem with Tony Romo. He wants the football.""For years we talked about people on the sideline of the Dallas Cowboys having no passion, no leadership and it seems like they don't care. Now we get a guy with maybe a little too much passion and he doesn't know how to exactly display it in front of a TV audience, but now we are going to go and say, 'Get rid of all the passion you have?' No, it is absolutely crazy."

Former Cowboys quarterback Steve Beuerlein: "An outburst is OK. One quick outburst. But a complete lack of control, a demonstration like that yesterday, completely unacceptable. Tony Romo needs to address it. The Cowboys need to address it."

Former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison: "If you look at the way he went off on his quarterback, Tony Romo, that's just showing disrespect, showing up your teammates. In order to be a good teammate you have to respect him, so I was quite bothered by it. I hope he learns from this."

CBS Analyst Pete Prisco: "You can't act like a jackass on the sidelines. You just can't. You've got to cool it down a little bit. He got into it with Romo at one point and after that he got into it with Jason Witten."

Former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon: "This behavior is tolerated and in fact encouraged at times in Dallas. Passion and energy and all that is great, but that wasn't what we saw yesterday. We saw a player that was angry and annoyed that he only had three catches and Calvin Johnson had a ton. It became a personal competition with him and it got the best of him. He lost his focus and it was a distraction to the football team."

Former NFL executive Scott Pioli: "He was a complete and total distraction to that sideline. He was even going at Jerome Henderson, who is a defensive backs coach and yelling at Jerome. To me, one of the big things is he better realize all the people that covered for him. There were people telling some untruths. He crossed the line."

Former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan: "At some point you have to mature as a player. You have to show respect for other players on your team. Everybody is out there working hard. Everybody is out there trying to win. You're not helping the situation when you act like that. I think it shows a lack of respect Women's Justin Ellis Jersey for the coaches, for the other players and after a while, guys get tired of it."

Former Giants quarterback Phil Simms: "If that would have happened to be on the bench, a receiver did that to me, I'll say in all honesty, I wouldn't have got up and fought him or nothing like that. I might have been a little intimidated because it catches you off guard and it's so over the top what he was doing, what do you do? You try to defuse it, because especially if you're Tony Romo, you look up there and go, 'Dez Bryant is borderline a great player. We need him to win.' So he reacted the only way he could, is just to pull back."

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