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It's Gronk's World and Patriots just living in it

There's no denying Rob Gronkowski's dominance on the field in 2011 and most of 2012. He was 's target of choice in the Red Zone Wholesale Jerseys and also was a beast when it came to blocking and covering the edges.

Coincidentally, or not at all, Gronkowski's latest marketing campaign hit the interwebs just as news broke courtesy of agent Drew Rosenhaus that Gronk would be playing Sunday against the Jets.

Here's the t shirt to prove it. The Gronk Nation Twitter feed (the official feed of the Gronkowski brothers) posted this image and a link to where you could buy the T shirt for a limited time for $24.99.

Thanks to Rosenhaus, and the incredibly cheesy BODYARMOR spot, we know that Gronk will either play Sunday or the Patriots will create a rift with him and his camp that will never heal. The team desperately needs his presence on the field, especially with news that Clay Buchholz Look Like Cal Ripken, Jr. But We Can't Call Him Injury Prone" Amendola will be out again this week.

In the clip, Gronkowski says: "Obviously I went through a lot of hectic, emotional, stressful events with injuries but it's something you've got to deal with. It's a contact sport, every single play, and I'm just looking at my future now."

The grumblings about Gronk being a star in practice but then all of sudden being unable to play hit critical mass last Sunday and would have exploded over New England like the Blizzard of 1978 had Brady not reminded us last Sunday that he's still Brady with five seconds to play against the Saints.

Meanwhile, the Patriots have Gronkowski listed as "questionable' following those off season surgeries and his extensive re hab on various college campuses and in Las Vegas. The Patriots' plan, one would figure, would be to keep Gronk's status uncertain until Sunday's active rosters are released, giving them another edge over the Jets.

Not when Team Gronk has a new "Super Drink" to push.

Of course, the Patriots once had Brady listed as "probable shoulder" for three years, from 2005 08. During that run, Brady never missed a game. A week after the Patriots removed him from the injury report, he landed on the IR for the rest of the year after being taken out by in the '08 season opener.

NFL resident historian , the 22 year old rookie defensive lineman for the Jets, told us this week that hit let to the NFL's current rash of rules that protect NFL QBs. Of course, you could put or in a military grade Humvee and they couldn't move the ball into the end zone.

Brady's behavior has been unprofessional at times this season, and he's thrown his share of tantrums and used off color language on at least one occasion:

But Brady has always taken responsibility for anything he's done on or off the field, save for Gisele likely offering him some fashion tips. He's also a 36 year old old, husband, father and Baby Daddy. Cheap Jerseys

With Gronk, we're never sure who's calling the shots. The Patriots screwed up in both laying the foundation for Gronk's most recent arm surgery by having him on extra point duty after the final TD in their 59 24 win over the Colts last season. The surgery itself was possibly rushed to get him back in time for the postseason. And the procedure obviously wasn't done correctly given the resulting infections and other medical issues that have resulted from it.

Of course, Gronk wasn't necessary focused on re hab 24 7, despite what the folks at BODYARMOR want us to believe. [The video clip of his top less performance in Vegas has been removed from You Tube.]

Gronk is a single 24 year old Hercules of a man who has no trouble meeting women, getting photographed top less with porn stars, having a good time and raising his share of Hell. There's nothing wrong with that. But when you're working around a few off season surgeries and put your self into situations where you're going to photographed chugging beers and break dancing on stage, it will negatively impact your image and your perception among teammates and fans.

Miss five weeks at the a start of the season even after eventually kicking ass in practice, and all those doubts are going to magnified.

Having Gronkowski back in the lineup will be a major boost. Through six games, the Patriots have a combined nine catches for 96 yards and a touchdown from their tight ends and . If Gronkowski can contribute as a blocker, the Patriots running game could take off. Last season, with a Gronk and blocking on the edges, Erik Frenz tells us the Patriots ran the ball 68 times off tight end for 311 yards; in 2013, they've run the ball 19 times off tight end and have picked up just 34 yards.

Gronk and his camp have done their best to make sure he is the story Sunday against the Jets. We never seem to be able to make him responsible for his irresponsibility.

But we've seen this week how much of Gronk's World is about Gronk and where exactly the Patriots fit into it. Probably somewhere between BODYARMOR and those Dunkin' Donuts commercials.

That's not all bad. At least this Gronk talk momentarily takes our mind off the fact that Patriots lost for the season last week and hip injury that has dogged All World cornerback resurfaced last week, as well.

This week, all eyes are on Gronk, just like he wants it.

But if he doesn't come through, those t shirts may end up for sale for $1.99 on ebay.

Here are this week's rankings. Teams are listed with their records and last week's rankings.

Here's the Week 6 GIF of the week, courtesy of Brady, Rob Ryan and the Saints.

1. Broncos (6 0; 1) Jim Irsay says he's disappointed because Peyton Manning only won one Super Bowl in Indianapolis. The Broncos are averaging 44.1 points per game. Not a wise move, Jimbo.

2. Chiefs [sorry if you're offended] (6 0; 3) 65 points allowed are fewest in the NFL. And that's given fans at Arrowhead Stadium plenty to cheer about. And they cheered so loud they broke the all time outdoor crowd decibel level record last week. The 137.5 decibels, if upheld, would top the 136.6 decibels at home by the Seahawks on Sept. 16.

4. Seahawks (6 1: 4) They rebounded nicely from their first loss with a pair of victories in the past week. Playing Tennessee and Arizona is usually a good cure all.

5. Saints (5 1; 2) Couple of things, guys. Don't offer bounties. Don't give Brady three shots in the final three minutes. Don't ever stop believing in "showponies" and "unicorns."

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