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As a result, cheap louis vuitton belts http://www.cafeasiadc.com/ local governments will undoubtedly centralized power and control of the economic and social affairs ability will be greatly enhanced, can take the comprehensive development of real estate industry to drive the economy the temptation, promoting local government leaders at all levels of GDP how can withstand? Real estate economy occupies the important proportion in the across the economy, its GDP growth in recent 20 years is visible in the important role of the.

As for the economic development includes the bubble, next to him and what impact future generations,, it is not what they want to focus on, because all officials only focus on the achievements of his presidency. Dare to do so and local government, and the logical extension of the monkey see, monkey do. Zhu introduced the original intention of the tax reform, is the implementation of centralized, improve the ability of the central government control the economic and social development. Since the central government can do, why cant a local government?

Because of this, zhu implemented after a series of reform, the power of the government, to a certain extent undermined the achievements since the end of the cultural revolution of Louis Vuitton Belts reform, present a tendency of backward in some respects. The strengthening of the power of the government at all levels, in the short term is good for the economy, but in the long run is not worth the cost, has violated the direction of the reform of market economy, not only because of big government, the governments economic function strengthened, and developed a special interest groups, make the government reveling in the unreal feeling of fear of change of power, conservative, and this is the reason of Louis Vuitton Belts reform is stagnating. System of the second consequence is afraid is intending to zhu: it lead to the expansion of the power of the government at the same time, also provides the power rent-seeking, corruption spread more likely.

Central government to local government transfer payments and how to implement the earmarks, or local government how to dominate the revenues from land depends on the officials in charge of this power, depending on their ideas, and in order to persuade the officials for their own decisions, all necessary means to can make, and a bribe is the most direct and most effective way. Zhu himself acknowledged tax rebates (transfer) isnt doing a good job, want to rely on local run of money into, grandpa tell grandma to get. In recent twenty years, is one of Louis Vuitton Belts corruption phenomenon is more and more time, more and more serious, because this paragraph of time to promote major reforms lead to enhanced the power of the government, and the related supervision and restriction mechanism does not reach the designated position, lead to corruption intensifying, and even shake the foundation of.

Governments lead to citizens and enterprises is the third consequence of tax increases, eventually passed on to the price of the means of production, livelihood, the production cost of enterprises and peoples rising cost of living, at the same time as the government centralization, cultivate a group of special group consumption ability is strongest in the world, their extravagant consumption promoting the whole level of prices rise, and people income increase by far couldnt keep up with the cost of living increase, therefore appeared strange phenomenon: a thriving economy, people more poor.

This is because really benefit from the economic boom is a minority of owners and bureaucracy, and ordinary peoples actual income level is decreased and the actual life. Zhu tax may not land finance of local government to defend the cause of, replica louis vuitton belts http://www.cafeasiadc.com/ but cant prove that its reform policy did not affect the rich the poor.

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