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Review Scoring Details for Requiem: Bloodymare Gameplay: 7.7 Control is decent enough, lots to work withand many places to go and adventure in and on and around. Control is dialed in well with plenty of options for character development. Graphics: 8.4 More than your average amount of gore and chunks go flying by, with some really cool-looking and scary monsters coming out in the really late times of the night. Sound: 5.0 An almost complete lack of sound is heard throughout the World of Warcraft. An occasional NPC player speaking would have helped as well as much more sound effects and scary music; remember this is supposed to be a horror-based World of Warcraft. Difficulty: Medium Veterans of the genre probably will have little trouble playing and getting quite far in the World of Warcraft (before growing bored of it). Newbies may find some additional challenges but not so wow power leveling  much that you can't get things done. Concept: 5.0 Ok, this is a hard score and I give it because the developers promised us a World of Warcraft with a horror theme. There are no jumps or scares in this World of Warcraft. Some monsters look frightening and the high blood and body part count may be disturbing, but to me, that isn't scary. This is more of a gore fest then anything. I can't wait til someone comes out with an actual scary World of Warcraft. Multiplayer: 7.5 Questing together and then fighting against another in the battle arena is a pretty sweet idea. Overall: 6.5 I was disappointed in the lack of horror for a horror-based World of Warcraft. However, there are worse World of Warcraft out there and this is above par... barely. Unless the DNA coding and beast ability is something that really excites you, you could take it or leave it. Age of Conan rise to number 1 onthe charts Normal edition sold out innumerous outlets Number 1 on the official charts in Germany, UK, Australia,Italy, Sweden, Norway and Spain - Funcom is proud to announce that Ageof Conan rises to number 1 on the PC charts, and the World of Warcraft even competes verywell on the all-format lists. The normal edition is now sold out in many outletsdue to the initial success of the World of Warcraft, and Funcom aims to resupply new boxes asfast as possible. With more than half a million customers, Age of Conan isalready one of the biggest ever western World of Warcraft, and this happens just a weekafter launch.

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