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mbtning 31 months ago
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Here is only with the eye of an outsider to see it. Comrade ren in "can't negative economic development law with moral perspective" illustrates in harlem in New York first low-income, poor inhabitation, and the large-scale transformation also has gradually into the middle, and then into living is part of the rich. In New York, the city construction and partition, the rich area in gradually expanding and the poor area in gradual transformation to become better for the construction of the group. Behind comrade ren also illustrates some of the domestic real estate development trends, development standard of living for the whole country there are N many benefits, the end of the world did not elaborate, if interested friends can go to his sina blog have a look. Just like the harlem success example, comrade ren let us see the Chinese points the rich and the poor also can realize this desire in the future. Of course, if one day in the future such as comrade ren one step a footprint, aoge.dk the implementation of the good will the end of the world is not only to clap his hands, and lift up your feet a few times. Problem is comrade ren on a whim, rather than a weakness for China is to life. China has integrated our living standards are cannot compare with American people. You also live in the same nation and under the same blue sky, I believe, including everyman like the end of the world, can't understand you, comrade ren of a clever we these people may be considered in the discrimination of the poor. And the rich and the poor area, is bound to lead to a lot of bad social problem in the future, as if ren you suddenly bring a watermelon cut in half, that they can no longer together. Which the rich and the poor is not very friendly to become more every contact, stay one day out of the outbreak was palpable, presumably at that time, comrade is ten ren also cannot stop. Such a social problem, lie in the end of the world believe that the ingenuity of comrade ren already put the social bad phenomenon is likely to happen in the future into consideration. When personal interests conflict and social harmony, comrade ren how do you choose? Or personal interests first? This, of course, some, but is a mere bucai tianya nonsense words, comrade ren you don't have to take it seriously. The end of the world to see most of the rich support comrade ren proposed opinions, and on the surface seems to ren speech is perfect for real estate development, contribution to the country in the future, civilian ran off as soon as possible, it may be said is well-meaning, look at the expression of comrade ren will know day and night thinking. Tianya also don't take what moral to comrade ren dai, just a little, he must be admitted that, when there are built in a day in the rich area and poor area, http://www.aoge.dk/ part of society is bound to cause dissatisfaction with the horse make social disharmony, no relationship for comrade ren, www.aoge.dk but destroyed the harmony of the society. Then the responsibility of comrade ren is pushed out. I want to comrade ren should know this, just reached the end of the world here just for comrade ren playing a ball. Reminded him of something in my pocket to pay out, while this time by the way, take a closer look at! I think this is not a moral issue, do you still live in this in the country, should is the responsibility of every citizen to perform. Work 15 years old boy suspected of stealing cell phones, why want to commit suicide? Yesterday a news certainly deeply for the end of the world to meditation, the age of 15 working young Zheng Jiahui was suspected stolen phones suicide, leaving four letter letter voice grievances! He wrote in the letter: the Father and son go ah, can't, be compelled. My life is only worth 2700 yuan 8230; The 8230;

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