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A but go to the countryside, encounter farmers, canthus and casual reveal his pay a cavalier attitude. He originally is deeply hidden face exposed. This person said he jun writing crap, trash. He refuses, http://www.aoge.dk/ linger-sometimes constantly bitter research to find out the defect of this person text, says his word www.aoge.dk s like smelly than shit. A nonsense of a pile of trash, a smelly than shit. Hence two people meeting, attack each other, looking the people who pretended to be a pay in contemplation of as the cold war. Wuxia novelists thou dragon said, life is the most afraid of is not bitching around, but two bitch in suck. Cologne he belongs to the martial arts world, lend him the words but in the light of two or more than two phase fitting the literati, the literati in the light, as two bitch suck aoge.dk , meeting, until the water dry mouth, flooded the city, was flagging. Cursing between as if they had to let everybody know. Writers sometimes like to lofty, in order to show their differentiation. This lofty innocence, has been literati's patent, if people can really make good use of the lofty, it stopped, and more and more scholars have seemed lofty is so arrogant. But before their interests and money, that thou also like a gust of wind blowing, gone. Of course they will give yourself to find a reasonable explanation, said scholars also need to survive, survival is necessary, who knows, so why before that you must cause a reaction? This is obviously the contradiction, smoking for yourself a box on the ear. But this time is not important for them, it is important to their money and interests has been received. Feed the literati literati always likes to laugh at still hungry, say they are too sour. Still hungry literati, while laughing at feed literati small endowment emotional appeal, affectation. While drooling in eyes stare at their jobs and see what they eat today is delicacies! Except, of course, part of scholars, they are all the sorrow and the sorrow of the first, after the world of joy but joy! In this case, the end of the world in addition to the genuine respect, don't know how to express their inner heartfelt adoration. Literati sitting at home, there is always a fantasy, dream to own a bald writing brush sweep the armed forces. World each governors obedience, but they forgot, in the history of a character named zhao enclosed paper, the unique, knife, like a broken piece of tofu. If at the time of war, let the literati in the front, mostly just the cannon fodder, much some dust on the battlefield. This is the literati a sorrow! So have self-knowledge, people will talk about options choose sitting home all of the games. To think of myself as a hero fought on the front. The qin dynasty had, three state-owned, 8230; The 8230; Tang dynasty, song dynasty, yuan dynasty had the 8230; The 8230; The qing dynasty had the 8230; The 8230; Before liberation, liberation and have had the 8230; The 8230; . May you have had, I also had had. It has been formed in one thousand, the tradition of the Chinese literati. The literati in the face of the workers and peasants, always shows his lofty. In the face of the regime, many scholars like a pug bow, apparently fear I accidentally have sinned against the master, fall a don't look good. But not the literati is weak, when most people are of the submission, there will be a few article hold their truth step by step towards the grave. But one thousand years later, the small number of souls will be dig out the later scholars, to fill the gaps in their spirit.

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