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mbtning 31 months ago
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Literati is obviously doesn't belong to political, but belongs to the culture of politics, do the guide of the newcomers. To go abroad, the Chinese striving goal Comrade zhang qian reveal that the western regions by the emperor, and all the way, http://www.aoge.dk/ the wind blowing snow, it took some hard, also caught by the huns. But the huns looking after its zhang qian is not only to send his beautiful woman of the huns, to eat, to live, of course, their main purpose is to want to surrender zhangqian. But comrade zhang qian and smelly and hard to ignore anything, only stayed for eleven years, just to escape it! If comrade zhang qian really stayed in hsiungnu, carelessly may also become traitors eternal infamy? After his return home, the big fellow relationship to meet in person, can get the emperor old son personally meet the person, the person face is large enough. Not only young fathers name, also put a lot of golden light in the face. Also opens up the The silk road , its name may also come down. If comrade zhang qian never to the western regions, he will also like ordinary officials, however, with the state of lu, moving in to worship the emperor, then slowly grow old, submerged in the history of space and time. Of this can be seen, the person of this been abroad is remarkable! With the concept of modern people, www.aoge.dk comrade zhang qian is really stupid enough, life is short, where the play is not the same, why don't you just stay in hsiungnu carpe diem? Not letter, dost thou look now tsinghua and Peking universities came out of the intellectuals, one to developed countries, treatment is quite high, there are a few willing to return. If only occasional interest has come back to my hometown tourism, to the end of the world in the common persons, such as this had returned. Lift my head are higher than the average person, if the quantity take a ruler, were more than three inches. If mix what grow back, local leaders and the masses will be beating drums to welcome back the big man, young and old women and children all shu thumb praise way: the Wise men! A wise man! The But they never ask how much person really make contributions to the local construction, those for local common persons do cattle and horses to dedicate his life, with a few people ignore them? Naturally, this sad and funny scenes, can only say that the Chinese worship of the spirit of doing! In recent years, the end of the world often heard someone want to go abroad, parents for their children to go abroad to study and make great efforts, even third-rate schools abroad, also better than China's first-class school! Stay over the years, studying abroad third grade school classmate home, name, at least, is the overseas Chinese students, and even their studies. According to the spirit of the Chinese worship, aoge.dk is better than a cold window study hard in the Chinese first-class school reading machine. The end of the world in the face of nowadays education corruption, there is no reason to blame them! Tianya comrades on impulse, around the time the park, see a pair of lovestruck men and women in the corner warm hug, straight enviable tianya mouth water three thousand feet, very anxious to come forward to pushes away the that guy? To be held up his hands, but not the courage. Had to helplessly looking at, but inadvertently heard the woman is gently SOB, which man gently asked a way:

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