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Heather Sedlock, Special fake ray ban sunglasses Needs Examiner wrote to me about a shocking story that took place earlier this Spring.

Before I address the obvious flaws in Authentic Paul Richardson Jersey societal ignorance of special needs, I want to share a comment about living with autism I posted to NY Times reporter Lisa Belkin,:

I blush, not so much as shy or embarrassed, but probably due to the fact that my blood boils, recognizing society has not reached the social milestones that my disabled child has been forced to climb.

Years ago, a mother of a typical child shook her head at my son and said: but for the grace of G d go I I responded with my keen wit, you saying better you than me? My heart was aching, but my feisty snap felt good."

It is with this "snap" that I respond to the events that occurred in San Marcos, California last April. Reported by News 10 Lauren Reynolds, it defines the vital need for education and awareness about autism. Parents Gary and Marla Trussle moved to the quiet suburb hoping for the kind of reciprocal environment that neighbors share, as enjoying a quiet life. Sadly it was not to be.

"But instead of being welcomed, the Trussle family has been under attack, they said, by neighbors. The accusations against them have been wild, including that 4 year old Spencer "might come out with a firearm at anytime." Spencer Trussle has autism. Tantrums and inflexibility are part and parcel to living with autism. Parents learn the rudiments of behavioral therapy early on, and it is a collective family effort.

Sadly, there is no mandatory education for society. According to the report " neighbors Sarah Fisher, Danielle Harway and Kelly Plaster. All three filed court papers asking that Spencer, his sister Olivia, and mom and dad be restricted to their own home and driveway." Apparently, angry repercussions followed a spat between Gary Trussle and another father, where Trussle confronted the man when his son was picking on Spencer.

What ensued was nothing short of harassment: "Sarah Fisher reported the Trussles to Child Protective Services. She called Gary Trussle's employer, Continental Airlines, where he's a captain. She also made a call to 911, claiming he couldn't control his young children."

Ultimately a San Diego judge dismissed all filings. He ordered that the neighbors reimburse the Trussles' $12,000 legal fees. I suggest that financial remuneration is not enough. Perhaps community service, in the form of classes or walking for autism awareness might enlighten the Fishers, Harways and Plasters of the world.

The San Marco neighborhood will now have an Autistic Child in Area sign mounted on street poles. Watch you tube below.

I'm really concerned that the sign the Trussele' will have in their neighborhood will only fuel the harassment for the little fellow. maybe they should reconsider the sign the aweful label is cruel enough. It's kind of like having a Beware of Pitbull sign in your from yard. maybe the pit bull is a great family animal with no problems or history of violence, but the neighbors will only capitalize on the inferences and keep the fire burning. As a former Marine Sargeant and father of an 11 year old son diagnosed autistic I'm sadden for what his family has endured and I'm ready to go kick some unneighborly butt if they don't take their teeth out of this Marine Officers heart, I guess I'm kind of upset. more because I'm a father who has worn the Lt. Col.' shoes more then once. Maybe the little guy has a problem with live yeast in ketsup or Authentic Brandon Mebane Jersey in bread? As soon as my son had ketsup within minutes he became very agressive. since taking anything with vinager out of his diet he's been okay

People are cruel and prejudge against what they do not understand, as if being or dealing with Autism is not hard enough, these people need to get over their selfs and stop acting like Hate Mongers and use their energy in a more positive way perhaps learning about people different from them selfs, lack of education promotes hatred.

My heart goes out to you and your child, I have a 24 year old Autistic son and a 12 year old son with Aspergers, I feel your pain! god Bless and look to the Lord for stregenth and confort.

We had a similiar experience, only the fire department called this goofy organization called "PERT" psychiatric emergency response team, to come to our home, because they were told it "was odd we had two children with seizures in the home" and "it was possible to fake seizures," as if our autistic son could fake a seizure! Unreal. Along with PERT, the ever pernicious ignorant organization CPS (child protective services_) came out. To add insult to injury, they came to our gate with a cop! The CPS worker was so ignorant about autism cheap wholesale ray ban sunglasses and seizures it was embarrassing talking to her. And the PERT representative, a woman who admitted knowing "little about autism" was about as informed as Madonna could be on the virtues of purity. The lesson I've learned is that we are surrounded by ignorance and apathy on every level of government. These folks didn't even have the decency to educated themselves, even when I informed them of our delicate and complex situation. Instead, they hid like cowards.

I have a Son with high functioning Autism, and I have found the biggest offenders and the people who are the most ignorant, unkind, and right out cruel can be your own family members. Instead of realizing that my son has a disability, and that many Doctors and specialists have been part of his TEAM, they blame it on a "Bad Kid". Eleven years ago when my son was 6 years old, he was not invited to a family wedding and to my parents (his Grandparents) 50th wedding aniversary because they did not want my son to ruin the parties. It took years to heal the wounds, but they have done it again. My older brother's Son is getting married in a couple of months, and they just indicated that my son can't come to the wedding because they are only inviting people 18 years and above. My son will be 18.4 months from the wedding. Both my boys have attended other weddings, funerals, parties etc, and they had exemplary behavior. My older brother seems to have forgotten when his boys where young and how they disrupted some family events, and they were typical, normal boys. People need to become aware of the hurt that can be caused. These kids need to be included in life and loved.

Hi, my youngest of 2 high functioning Autistic sons who is 10 was just denied access to his neighborhood swim team. I don't know what to do, I feel so helpless. This would have been his forth year on the team, it is his favorite summertime activity. They denied him to be on the team because they said he was disruptive the last year, I told them he was on new medication and really wanted to Ricardo Lockette Women Jersey be on the team. So they had me submit letters of recommendation from teachers, they took their time reviewing these and kept asking for more, meanwhile swim team started without him with my other 2 kids enrolled. Then they finally said they would admit him on a probationary basis and that the coaches and board would be watching him very carefully. They sent an email Friday morning allowing him on the team, with a reference to registration closing at midnight. I didn't read my emails that day since I had a text stating that they would decide by Monday. Because I didn't read the email in time, now they are saying sorry, too late, he can't get be on the team registration is closed to all. I never ever dreamed that they had the right to deny a child with a disability in the first place, I was hoping to end it with him being on the team with 3 references from teachers at his school. Now I am really furious and very frustrated. I have finally found a combination of medications that really works, he is the most well behaved child now, but I feel this shouldn't even matter. Any suggestions?What to do on a snow day with your familyIf the weather outside looks frightful, then there's a chance your child might be home from school. What's a parent to do? If you will all be home together on a snow day, then check out these tips.

Children under two can learn to sign from educational videosA new study published in the journal of Child Development on Jan. 22, supports the idea of learning via educational (infant communication signing) videos in children under the age of two. It was.

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