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Cold weather isn't going away

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileAs Atlantic Canada suffers through a massive spring storm, people in other parts of the country can take heart that they're being spared the high winds, driving rain and snowfall seen throughout the region Wednesday.But they shouldn't get too comfortable: the cold weather is not behind us yet.While forecasts beyond five to seven days are difficult to make with any accuracy, Environment Canada's monthly and seasonal forecasts are suggesting that the unseasonably cold weather will continue off and on at least into the first half of April pretty much everywhere but the West Coast, says Environment Canada meteorologist Matt MacDonald.Ducks, swans killed by brutal winter weatherWinter weather not to blame for poor profits, say expertsSpring storm comes to southern Quebec"We may get a little teaser mainly on the weekend of sun and near seasonal temperatures, but the long range, unfortunately, there is no good news there. It's continued cool and below seasonal temperatures," he said.A couple in Montreal walks through a snowstorm on March 19, a day before the official start of spring. Spring might technically have started, but the weather is likely to remain unseasonably cold into April, according to Environment Canada. (Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press)The normal seasonal high for the Toronto area is 7 C, but temperatures in the city Tuesday rose only as high as 1 C. In Montreal, temperature highs were also about six degrees below normal while in the Prairies they replica christian louboutin were as much as 13 degrees below what they usually are at this time of christian louboutin shoes replica year.Calgary saw highs of 6 C on Tuesday, a good 12 degrees below normal. In Winnipeg, where lows usually dip down to 8 C this time of year, temperatures dropped to louboutin shoes replica 21 C in the early morning.Lake ice cover keeping temperatures lowMost of the country east of the Rockies has remained stuck in the jet stream trough replica louboutin shoes often referred to, somewhat erroneously, in the media as the polar vortex that has been responsible for the especially harsh winter we've had. This trough within the jet stream, the system of air currents that move weather from west to east, has pushed cold arctic air south and prevented the warm air from the Gulf of Mexico from circulating north as much as it usually would.Sabrina Trger braves the cold in Regina on a day earlier this month when temperatures fell to 38 C, breaking records. (Jordan Jackle)The result has been the coldest winter since 1978 79."It's not people's imagination; it has actually been a really cold and snowy winter," said MacDonald.The cold temperatures have left the Great Lakes covered with more ice than they've had since 1979, with some lakes more than 90 per cent covered.Large dumps of snow as late as last week in Quebec and parts of Ontario have left significant snow cover on the ground, which is also helping winter maintain its grip past the official start of spring, which this year fell on March 20.

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