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Episode Guide

The following is an episode list for 7th Heaven, an American television drama series. 7th Heaven was created by executive producer , who pitched it to Spelling Television, and co executive produced by Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent. The series revolves around a family headed by parents Eric Camden (Stephen Collins), a Protestant Reverend, and Annie Camden (Catherine Hicks), a homemaker. Their seven children are Matt (Barry Watson), Mary (Jessica Biel), Lucy (Beverley Mitchell), Simon (David Gallagher), Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman) and twins Sam and Marian Hossa Blackhawks Jersey David (Nikolas and Lorenzo Brino)

In the premiere of this series it introduces Eric Camden who's a minister, father of five, happily married, and a soon Authentic Patrick Sharp Jersey to be dog owner. His wife, Annie, is a stay at home mom raising their children. Matt is the oldest child who has picked up a habit of smoking and not being able to keep a job. Mary is the oldest daughter who likes to play basketball a lot and is having a craving for wanting to kiss a boy. Lucy is the middle child and is hoping to become a woman and getting her period very soon. Simon is the youngest son and is hoping to get a dog very soon, even though his parents already told him that he's too young. Ruthie the youngest child and is a happy and adorable 5 year old. Also, Annie learns some devastating news when her parents come for a visit; her mother has Leukemia.

September 33, 1996Matt shocks his family when he reveals his secret that he is very close friends with a teenage pregnant girl, Renee. Right away Matt tells them that he is not the father of her baby, but just trying to help her out. Meanwhile, Mary is keeping her new boyfriend a secret from Matt. Lucy gets a surprise with her secret crush on a classmate Jimmy Moon. Also, Eric gets a surprise of his own when he discovers his shoes keep on disappearing while Matt's friend Renee finds some help from an unusual ally Eric. Finally, Annie reveals the shocking truth to Matt about his grandmother having Leukemia.

In the Blink of an Eye

September 30, 19963

Annie continues to suffer through her mother's recent Leukemia diagnosis. Annie then decides to go to Arizona to visit them and see what is going on with them. Meanwhile, Eric volunteers for the church's "meals on wheels" service, but he's unable to do it at the last minute. Matt then volunteers to do it, but his dating habits get him into trouble with the organization Patrick Sharp Jersey he is doing charity for. Also, Mary decides to call it a quits with Jeff while Lucy has her first real date with her classmate Jimmy Moon. Lastly, when Annie returns home with her parents, they decide to stay with her and the rest of the family so that they could spend some more time with them which unfortunately will be the last for Jenny.

No Funerals and a Wedding

Molly Newman Authentic Marian Hossa Jersey

Mark Jean

October Authentic Patrick Kane Jersey 7, 19964

Following her mother's funeral, Annie's sunny demeanor turns to sadness, particularly after her father abruptly leaves to go back home in Arizona. Eric tries to counsel a young couple whose marital Patrick Kane Jersey problems escalate during the post funeral reception at the Camden home. Matt helps with the delivery of Renee's baby and after Mary breaks up with Jeff she discovers she was better off with Jeff. Lastly, Simon tries to find the exact location of heaven.

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