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Brandon Daniel transferred to Death Row

AUSTIN (KXAN) A week to the day that a jury sentenced Brandon Daniel to death by lethal injection for the April 2012 killing of Senior Austin Police Officer Jaime Padron, officials transferred him to Death Row.

Amy Padron, Jaime ex wife, also took the stand after the sentence was handed down, giving an emotion packed speech where she read letters from her 8 and 12 year old daughters.

made me cry, one of the letters read. it is your time to cry in prison for the rest of your life. are so many things you took away, Matt Baldwin said to Daniel. Baldwin was Padron old partner in San Angelo. don know why you did it. I don care. So many lives were destroyed by what you did.

moments of fame you may think you had, I want you to know that you lost, Baldwin added. confirmed Jaime was the winner. Jaime was the hero. weight of the jury life or death decision was not lost among those in the courtroom.

guys had a very difficult task. Your lives will never be the same from here on out, Linda Diaz, Jaime sister, said to the jury. were doing your job. Please don carry this on your shoulders. You followed the instructions you were given. was remanded into custody to be transferred to The Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

"He is a future danger, and there is not one good reason not to sentence him Gold Glitter Maggie 140mm to death," said prosecuting attorney Bill Bishop, ending his argument.

Photos: Day 5 Brandon Daniel sentencing phase

Photos: Day 3 Brandon Daniel sentencing phase

Photos: Day 2 Brandon Daniel sentencing Multicolor Leather Maggie 140mm phase

Photos: Day 1 Brandon Daniel sentencing phase

Before closing, Bishop told jurors everything that can be considered to Daniel benefit came from him adding that all of the defense experts only got their information from Daniel himself.

cannot be trusted. It is all his grand design, said Bishop, referencing Daniel trying to find a Xanax and Ambien defense while in jail. laid out the clinical words he was supposed to say but he could not explain them. went on to say that Daniel gets his self worth by taking pictures of himself with a gun, blowing a hole in his ceiling and taking a picture of the damage. Yet, Bishop pointed out that Daniel motive for having that gun on April 6, 2012, is still a mystery.

22 months, he has pondered upon that and still cannot give an explanation as to why he took a loaded .380 to Walmart, said Bishop. take a loaded .380 to Walmart to kill somebody, and that is what he did. said Daniel's intention was not escape or to run away the morning of April 6, 2012.

"His intention was far more sinister, Bishop, describing Daniel readying his weapon as he ran. "This is someone who gains his self worth through evil that he has done. went on to describe Daniel's fascination with Columbine and the Boston Marathon bombings.

The life of Jaime Padron was remembered by Assistant Black Leather Maggie 140mm District Attorney Gary Cobb.

our society, we are critical of police until we need police, said Cobb who reminded the jury about Padron military service in the Marines and his desire to serve the community.

Cobb called the shooting cold blooded assassination and said Jaime Padron two daughters already will be paying a price for the rest of their lives. He said a sentence of life in prison would force them to pay again. In a letter from jail, Daniel wrote he was the dream, retired at age 25. In the patrol car ride after the shooting, he said he at lease would not have to work or pay for food.

man murdered your father in cold blood and you will, as an adult when you start paying taxes, will pay for his room and board, said Cobb as he posed the scenario. that is what passes for justice in this community, we should tear that flag down and blow up this courthouse, because it is wrong. closing argument

Brad Urrutia took the floor for defense, talking about the Texas sentencing law.

next time he leaves prison will be in a coffin, he said.

Urrutia said Daniel is going to a place where hardened criminals go to do time, not a club with a pool or tennis courts. In addition, Urrutia told the jury there is a pattern of the state trying to deceive the jury.

aren lying to you, he said. are just trying to hide the truth. said the alleged list that Daniel kept with jailers name on it doesn exist or else it would have been introduced as evidence. He continued to say that with all the talk about coded letters, the state never disclosed that, decoded, the letter said, love you, mom. continued on during closing arguments to tear into inmate informant Louis Escalante testimony. Black Watersnake Maggie 140mm

can trust a word that man says, said Urrutia. is a liar They [the prosecution] got in bed with Mr. Escalante and had to live with his fleas. questioned: [the state] wants you to take a man life, and they bring you that kind of evidence to do it? You really, really, should demand better evidence from your DA. It should not be half truths and innuendo. Hunt said Daniel life can still produce positives even behind prison walls. He mentioned Daniel intelligence and potential that allowed him to become a software engineer at Hewlett Packard and develop programs still being used today.

Daniel has expressed remorse and has responded to psychiatric medication in jail, Hunt said about the prospect of Daniel future in prison.

Daniel sister has been sitting two rows behind the defense table for the entire trial and has spent much of it crying. His family may also be considered a mitigating factor.

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