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fifa16coinsfut 4 years ago
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Hey guys, Ive been seeing a lot of genuinely good ideas circulating around this sub regarding ways to improve career mode and other FIFA game modes. However the pessimist within me thinks that they will continue to be neglected because they simply do not make the money that FUT does.

As great a mode as FUT has been, modes such as Career mode, aside from graphical improvements have remained stale for several years now. And we see the comparison that can be made between this and similar game modes on other sports games and the difference in creativity is like night and day. (Like they actually have the "story" feel to them)

Having said all of this, there is a lot of work to be done to take FUT to the next level. They have hinted at certain improvements and additions. fut16coin would personally like to see more rewards and incentives for actually playing the game so the casual gamer isnt always turning to putting money into the game to enhance their experience. But will improvements like these mean further neglect for the other game modes? And if true is it to the benefit or downfall of the game?

Has anyone played madden? They got a mode called connected franchise and it's awesome. You and your friends start a new league draft your players and then it's like manager mode. The cool part is it goes by weeks so once everybody plays there game and the week advances. Sometime you play the computer some times you play a person. I feel like Fifa could use it.

I did a madden connected franchise where every team was controlled by a real person from /r/madden. It obviously went down in flames because it's impossible to maintain 32 strangers playing their game every week, responding to trade requests, yada yada yada. But connected franchise with 3 or 4 friends is great. If they brought this to FIFA it would be great though. I know it would be a disaster, but imagine if they just didn't set a limit to the number of players so half of /r/FIFA was controlling a team in some league. The trade drama and champions league play would be crazy.

Yeah, the gameplay is even more fast paced than FUT, which is ridiculous. The pressure level is so high it doesn't feel like you're playing football at all. When you start playing competitive 11v11 it always degenerates into an endless loop of counterattacks.

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