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Who Are The Biggest Employers In Stockport

Stockport is one of the most populous boroughs in Greater Manchester with a population of 281,000. Jobs in Stockport are in popular demand, yet the employment rate is still higher than the national average at 75.5%. Also, 41,500 commuters come into Stockport each day from other areas, highlighting the great opportunities for employment in this area.

It is also interesting to note that Stockport has more registered businesses than any other Greater Manchester district, apart from Manchester. This is refreshing as it shows that business owners, despite the recession, are managing to stay afloat.

There are many business brands and names that call Stockport home, the towns close proximity to Manchester airport and general transport links make the area a prime location to base a business. Some of Stockport's biggest employers include:

Adidas: This popular sports brand is still going strong, after many decades as an established name in sports. Sponsoring many sporting events, Adidas is a major employer in Stockport.

BT: Nike Air Max Mens This Telecoms provider is a major employer in Stockport, providing many jobs in call centres and for engineering opportunities across the region.

McVities: McVities is a brand name in many households. Providing biscuits and sweet treats across Europe, Stockport hosts many McVities' centres employing staff for all manner of disciplines.

Other major employers in Stockport include:

The employed people in Stockport are also highly qualified, with a third of all residents qualified to degree level. This means that there is a lot of opportunity for Nike Air Max Womens high level roles to be filled in this region. This might include managerial roles, high disciplined engineering roles and HR senior level positions. The close proximity to Manchester means that lots of Stockport's best talent gets drawn into the city to work.

One recruitment agency in Warrington commented on the opportunities in the town of Stockport, "There are a vast array of Stockport jobs and employment opportunities, whether you want to work in a shop, a hotel, a garage or a salon. There are many shops still thriving on the high street, despite the economy forcing some businesses to close down, leaving the shop empty. The difficult economy has proven Nike Air Max 2016 difficult for many nike air max 90 men black Stockport businesses, and indeed businesses 2016 nike air max womens running shoes pink across the whole of Greater Manchester. Many business owners have been able to stay afloat by downsizing or outsourcing. Others have managed to use the facilities of the internet and intelligent market research to ensure the business managed to stay running.".

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