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Who Says Men Cant Wear Pink

Pink is very enticing. Probably because it has a calming effect and is also the complimentary color to healthy skin tones. Men wearing pink are thought to be sensitive and yet exude confidence. Pink is the easiest color to coordinate with any color in the wardrobe. Pink is one color that can brighten up the dullest of grey coats and soften the brightest of the blacks and navy colors. The various shades of pink include magenta, fuchsia and salmon for men clothing. .

Should Men Wear Pink?

Pink is indeed a delicate color and hence the obvious question "should men wear pink" arises. Dressing for men has always been a way of displaying masculinity. Pink, for long has been considered a feminine shade, but men love pink too. While men in pink may be a rare sight in western countries, it is one of the most common colors in Asian countries. The favorite color of the King of Thailand is pink and in the same country you may find many young men sporting garments like shirts, t shirts, shorts and trousers in different shades of pink. Contrary to popular belief, men in pink are not ogled at as queer or looked down upon as gay. In fact men wearing pink outfits Nike Air Max Mens get nike air max 90 mens shoes black-red nearly the same attention as they would have done with other colors.

While style icons, pop singers and even football and Tennis players have experimented with the pink color, the common man is taking time to get accustomed to this fashion change. Nike has even designed a pink blue and yellow kit for the Spanish Tennis star Rafael Nadal with bright pink shade shown prominently on his shoes.

Men Clothing In Pink

Sweaters Men in pink cashmere sweater with crew neck styling worn over dark trousers look sexy and desirable. This combination is an absolute show stopper.

Dress Shirts in pink is the easiest way to incorporate this color into your wardrobe. Pink dress shirts look good singly, worn Air Max 2016 over jeans or dark trousers and look equally good when worn with suits and sweaters. The pink color could actually breathe freshness in your styling

Suits and Trousers in pink (we are basically referring to seersucker and light cotton suits and trousers) are ideal for summer evening events like wedding and party. Since these would be in darker and brighter shades of pink (unlike sweaters and dress shirts where 2016 nike air max womens running shoes pink lighter shades of pink work well), you may want to trial check if pink suits and trousers suit your palate or not.

Casual wear for the less adventurous and the scared of fashion guys, casual wear in pink like t shirts, hats and scarves would be a nice beginning. For the formal wear 2016 nike air max womens running shoes pink you can opt for pink ties, only keep the color tone low so that it does not clash with your shirt or coat.

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