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asicsning 20 months ago
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Spent six months in replica gucci belts stock market a little, you will understand the power of them, those who did not go to the black mouth when these government-run, purely lucky. Analysts unreliable since the government-run, in the case of asymmetric information, investors in addition to the lead brother's listen, what information channels? SFC allows organizations to educate investors pay attention to risk, in fact, in the current institutional environment, they do not do evil to deceive investors have done all.Meanwhile, foreign penalties for securities analysts is very severe in the United States, www.endesignerbelts.com securities analysts not only lose if the play black mouth was bankrupt, and will face jail, while replica gucci belts new securities law provides for a black mouth of these investors can sue claims But to this day, I have not seen the black mouth pay the appropriate price for their actions. Take the lead in Big Brother phenomenon, but also reflects the stock market regulatory leaking repeat itself seriously. From media reports, the lead brother was arrested because of a violation of the provisions of replica designer belts Securities Regulatory Commission: without the approval of the securities regulatory agency under the State Council, no unit or individual shall not engage in securities business, and its 777-run lead brother agency Not only it has not been approved in the securities regulatory authorities do not have any record. That being the case, as early as May 19, two sets of "first time" had been reported through the QQ group lead brother enrichment fact, its influence is quite broad face, involve staff can not say much, involving not It is quite high, as the Commission regulatory authorities at this time gone? Moreover, from 2006 the replica ferragamo belt stock market started the so-called great resurgence since, Replica Gucci Belts like big brother to take the lead through a network, Ming at large recommended stocks, the cover of darkness enrichment can say warlords, the major stock market-related forums, various news everywhere dance, popular black mouth network so far, the Commission has no say, why in the stock market slump when it is remembered their regulatory duties it? Ultimately, however, the phenomenon of lead brother is a replica ferragamo belt stock market bubble and float some small episode, however, behind the reaction, endesignerbelts.com but it is the lack of real replica ferragamo belt stock market experts and level of securities analysts. From this perspective, the Commission to take the lead in Big Brother without a license will be the fundamental way to solve the problem is obviously not taken away, my point still should be open competition, the lead brother popular, indicating the stock market need them. Sea cross-flow, the hero character, Securities analyst exam is not out, nor is it an official Imperial, but the real life experiences out of the market, stock analysts the market is not a monopoly, but a competitive market, stock analysts do not, naturally It will be eliminated by the market. Mongolian investors can sometimes, but not investors I Mongolia. In the long run, as long as allowed to compete in this market

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