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asicsning 20 months ago
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there are enough sanctions, stock analysts the market will slowly purification, only our market really cultivate the authority of securities analysts, www.enbrandbelts.com the lead brother Warren and other grass-roots nature there is no market. After the (Southern Metropolis Daily Economic person maguangyuan column) published in Liu Jipeng "Professor Cheng Siwei, http://www.nogossipzone.com/ who speak on behalf of" the article, investors will quilt grievances whole sprinkled on the head of Mr. Cheng Siwei, Liu Jipeng transformed into the interests of shareholders spokesman. The appeal to investors pay attention to the risks of the stock market Cheng Siwei, who has become replica gucci belts stock market pressure and scapegoat. Conventionally, Liu Jipeng and Mr. Cheng Siwei is not a heavyweight figure, Mr. Cheng Siwei Liu fallacy for, no need to bother, but considering that many investors know the truth, who suffered Liu Jipeng misleading, in order to prevent Some people with ulterior motives to confuse, Mr. Cheng Siwei more than busy, dedicated to the author "be prepared to promote the healthy development of replica gucci belts stock market", questioned Liu was serious, serious answer, and hope to question their own people out of science data to deal with. Aiming Liu Jipeng, he said 70 percent of mainland replica gucci belts listed companies are lower than the international standard of reference to the lack of basis, not a simple investment in a bull or bear market to determine whether investors are rational. Mr. Cheng Siwei, explained the mainland replica ferragamo belt listed companies 70% are lower than international standards in this judgment origin in yesterday's article, and expressed the hope that the basis of the reference to the lack of people out the scientific basis for discussion. Liu in for, said Professor Cheng Siwei on the stock market, many people are losers conclusion, it is hard and develop direct financing to capital market-oriented and advocate people to direct savings into investment policies linked together . Mr Cheng said: I have said many times, the government as regulator should not be responsible for the stock market ups and downs, but should create a fair, just and open environment for investors, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of public investors. We need to establish a healthy, able to optimize the allocation of resources in the capital market, rather than an excessive speculation, from the quality of listed companies in the capital market. Mr. Cheng also said that we advocate that people will direct savings into investment, we must play the function of capital market investment to protect public investors in general, be able to obtain a reasonable return, www.endesignerbelts.com so as to enable them to build confidence and ideas; instead The number of small and medium investors in the stock market lured by their savings to make a few big investors profits. Mr. Cheng Siwei of the public response, Liu Jipeng told reporters in a telephone interview, said Professor Cheng Siwei Latest articles is equal discussion among scholars, reflects its rigorous scholarship. At the same time the article was published is also very timely, to dispel the concerns of investors and foreign media representatives to its official views, opinions expressed in the article are very correct. For the problem of how to protect small investors, Liu Jipeng did not elaborate responded that each investor fact, the most jealous of their money

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