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One reason that the 6 feels kind of special is its firm

Then we got the Mazda5, a crossover/mini minivan that for reasons known only to wild eyed Mazda rolled off the assembly line looking as if it got hit by a fully loaded shopping cart at Trader Joe's.

Stylized door gouges came standard, along with a grille inspired by either the Joker or Alfred E.

Neuman. Maybe owners can claim some compensation.

Both vehicles, by the way, drove and handled great. They just lacked touch, springing from the more is never enough, scoops and wings school of design.

So how could we possibly anticipate the 2014 Mazda6, a runway dazzler in a segment once defined by the utilitarian Toyota Camry?

We couldn't. And few of us foresaw the recent infusion of new style from midsize sedans like the 6, the Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima and even the restyled Honda Accord.

What happened to all the librarians and accountants?

We may all have to Nike Air Max 2016 start dressing better, kids. No more Dockers, yard shoes and Wal Mart stalwart shirts when we're out for a spin in the 6.

Darn. But as you can see, Mazda found some really fine lines when it completely restyled the 6.

The metallic white Grand Touring model I had recently wore a big, bold blacked out grille carrying an enormous black Mazda emblem in the middle.

Though its main mission in life is to haul people to soccer fields and grocery stores and office buildings, its windshield was shoved back nike air max 2015 womens blue rakishly like something hammered out for the Autobahn.

Unlike most front wheel drive cars, the 6 also had a long, broad hood and sensuously curved top that gave it the aggressive proportions of an upscale rear wheel drive sedan.

And while Nike Air Max Womens the car sported large, practical doors, the sides carried three finely Air Max 2016 etched character lines that gave the 6 some lean, defined muscle.

It kind of shouted: My dad can beat up your dad, and my mom is hotter than yours.

The 6 I had rode on good looking 10 spoke alloy wheels shod with fairly serious 225/45 19 inch tires, further embellishing its sport sedan veneer.

If you've grown weary of busy interiors with large, over the top center stacks, you would have appreciated the unusual black and off white duds in mine.

The black dashboard was old school flat on top, curving down to a sleek, high mounted navigation screen, subtle center stack and large instrument panel.

That instrument panel, combined with the car's graceful three spoke Mazda steering wheel, says: "Let's find a curvy two lane country road."

Before we get too carried away, though, the car also has a back seat that's easily big enough to transport your moody 14 yearold and two of his large, sullen friends plus all of their digital devices and giant clothes.

Mazda, however, worked pretty hard to keep the family friendly 6 playful. Plopped down in the midst of well designed, nike air jordan retro 4 white highly functional interior pieces were black and off white seats that looked to have been lifted from Jerry Lee Lewis' '58 Caddy.

I only wish Mazda had injected a bit more zest into the engine compartment.

One of Mazda's weapons to deal with ever increasing federal fuel economy standards is its new "Skyactiv" four cylinder engines. On paper, they look pretty darn formidable, employing direct fuel injection, tuned exhaust manifolds, good breathing and massive 13: 1 compression.

But in reality, the motors tend to be soft and kind of gutless down low, delivering far better miles per gallon than miles per hour.

Smooth and refined, the 2.5 is as sleepy down low as the two litre version, so don't expect to wow the boys and girls at the Dairy Queen with smoky burnouts.

Prod it hard, though, and the engine slowly awakens, pulling pretty well above 4,000 rpm. Its co conspirator in these little bursts of speed is a solid six speed automatic.

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