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sean1889 3 years ago
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mike simons and guerin emig are both completely out of line. For you to not understand why Bob stoop's nike air Jordan 1 retro grey would be so upset is laughable just as it was laughable to Mike Simon's that he had complete disregard for Sterling Shepard's safety at the expense of getting a shot! A shot that clearly no one cares about except for those defending it. Mike never even attempted to get his stuff out of the way ( super happy the camera lens was broken) but merely just slothfully feel to the side!!!! Lets not forget either that Mr. Mike Simon's pathetically attempted to persuade us to feel sorry for his ( do not care about the figure) 10,000 dollar lens because all of that is irrelevant in this matter. Next time please have a little integrity and fully acknowledge how careless and selfish your act was Mike Simons instead of diverting the attention away from what could have been a serious issue. For next time it could have a lasting impact on a players health and future football career.

I'd also like to address Cynthia's comments. Yes getting paid to shoot football is a privilege but it is also a job. And it is not an easy job. And NO the photographer probably did not see the play coming at him. When you are looking through the lens of a camera you have tunnel vision and an incredible loss of perspective when things are moving towards you at that kind of speed. Never mind he had probably been in one very uncomfortable position for an extended period of time and his reflexes were slowed. I've personally been hit on the side lines of a football 2016 nike air max womens running shoes pink game twice and it's terrifying. You often don't have the wide perspective someone from the crowd does of what is coming down the field and by the time you realize the action is going to hit you it's too late. Trust me a professional photographer is very aware of what they are doing in this situation. But unfortunately plenty of football teams are going to jump on this monopods are dangerous bandwagon to distract people from taking concussion rates and mental health issues after repeated head injury seriously. I am not at all saying that photography equipment on a sideline is more important than safety. It's not. But monopods have been used to photograph football for nearly as long as it has been a professional sport. If OU wants to sacrifice good images of their team for this accident that could have happened on and football field anywhere that is entirely up to them. And I feel sorry for the photographers that have to try and shoot the next game without using the proper tools. Because at the end of the day thats what a camera is. Signed, 2016 nike air max womens running shoes pink A professional Photographer

Sorry, but I have to disagree. As far Nike Air Max Mens as I am concerned, it's a privilege for the vast majority of photographers to be sitting on the sidelines, unlike the chain gang, etc. No one can predict before the ball is snapped where a play is going to wind up unless you are the team calling the play. However, this photographer had to see this play coming towards him from a mile away. Those of us in the stands did. Instead he chose to stay where seated and try to get the pic. You could tell from where I was sitting in the stands that he was sitting a lot closer to the back goal line that those who were sitting behind the lines meant to mark the boundaries for media. I did not 2016 nike air max womens running shoes pink notice this until it was obvious that there was going to be a collision. On the other hand, OU should have been monitoring that issue before an injury took place. We should all be thankful that neither Shep nor the photographer were severely injured. That could have been a career ending injury for either of them. Kudos for Stoops for saying it just like it is.

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