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Prison Break Season 1

The PlotLincoln Burrows is falsely accused of murder and is sentenced to die. His brother Michael Scofield has other plans. Scofield goes to great lengths to make sure that he is locked up with his brother so, that he could be broken out. To accomplish this, he plans for a very long nike mens air jordan 11 retro blue time, he has the prison underground tattooed on his body. He spends all of his spare time researching different people in the prison. If he is going to escape he needs to be able to know the ones needed for the escape. He had to know that DB Cooper is housed there as well. He tries to get close to DB Cooper so that he can give him money when they break out, to help them on the outside. He robs a bank to be imprisoned with his brother, in order to help him escape before his execution at The Fox River Prison. Talking about escaping from prison and actually escaping are two different things. Scofield planned his escape as much as he could before being locked up but, circumstances beyond his control change the situation on the inside.

4. Theodore Bagwell (T Bag): The Nike Outlet TV series would not be complete without this character. He is a child molester, rapist and he was abused by his father. He adds depth to the show that just wouldn't be the same without his character.

5. John Abruzzi: Mafia crime boss. He runs things from the inside of the prison. Abruzzi's throat is slashed with a razor blade by T Bag just before the escape.

6. Dr. Sara Tancredi: The Doctor that works in the Infirmary that falls in love with Michael Scofield.

7. Captain womens nike air max 90 hot white Brad Belleck: Belleck is a CO at Fox River and causes many problems for the inmates. He has a hot Nike Outlet head and wishes he was in charge.

8. C Note: One of the inmates who escapes Fox River to be with his family. His family is under the impression that he is in the military. His future brother in law provides a vehicle for the escape.

9. Fernando Sucre (Sugar or Sucre): He is the cell mate of Michael Scofield and he is in on the plan to escape.

10. Paul Kellerman: He works for The Company and he will stop at nothing nike mens free shoe 5.0 neon yellow to see that Lincoln is executed.

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