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Pros and Cons

Nokia has come up Nike Outlet with another solid multimedia device which has some attractive features that are going to make it one of the sought after mobile phones in recent times. The durability of Nokia and the reliable service, N 73 has got everything what I need from a cell phone.

It is sleek in design and has got attractive looks packed in a hard fiber body that is very durable and "fall and break" resistance. The music quality is nice and the earphones provided with the phone are bass integrated so that you enjoy the music to the fullest. It is available in two varieties of one silver cabinet and another black music edition. The music edition phone comes with a 2 GB micro SD memory card and a music adapter so that one can connect the device to any sub woofer system and listen to their favorite music loud and clear. But, one thing I have noticed that the quality of music is not at par with any other Sony Eriksson nike air max 2015 mens black phone. So, if you are very nike mens air jordan 6 retro black particular about music quality, better go for a Sony Eriksson device. But, at the same time Sony Eriksson phones are not going to withstand the trauma it might sustain during Nike Air Max 2016 a fall from your hands.

The camera of N73 is a 3.2 Megapixel camera with Vario Tessar lens (type of lenses that come with most digital cameras) that gives good quality pictures. Again, one should not be too optimistic that it will provide similar quality pictures in dark as well as in light. The pictures in lighted conditions are nice, but when it comes to darker environments the picture quality is not up to the mark. But, don't worry; this problem is also present in all 3.2 Megapixel cameras. Though the camera comes with a flash, but it is not that good to give you quality pictures in less lighted conditions.

The phone has a Symbian 60v3 operating system and also Java compatible. One can run third party software with the phone. All Java software might not run well with the phone. The phone has a 40 MB of internal memory and the display screen is good and wide enough.

One problem with the device I have Nike Outlet noticed is that after use for some 7 8 months, the device becomes slow and programs take long time to open. Also, of late, it has started getting switched off of its own 2 3 times a day. It's not that battery has run empty because as soon as I switch it on again the battery indicator shows enough charge is present. I have also noticed similar problems with my friends' phones. Some say it is a virus problem, but, I don't agree because the problem again comes up after formatting and reinstalling the OS at the nearby Nokia Care outlet. Hope you will keep it in mind while going for a purchase of the handset.

The phone has got excellent range of features as far as its price is concerned. Along with other features of Bluetooth, infrared, music player, web browser, it has become the most sought after cell phone in my vicinity.

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