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On Wednesday, I sent the following text to a bunch of my ESPN friends and colleagues. This is what it said: Doing a goofy thing for my column tomorrow where I am asking various colleagues to ask me one question -- a self-made interview, if you will -- and I will answer them in my column with attribution. So, if you have a moment, can you ask me one question? Ask anything you want ... about me, about fantasy, about you, about literally anything you might be slightly curious about me or anything else. I'll print under your name and answer. That coolI'm sure you get a ton of people telling you that you have the greatest job in the world, being able to talk fantasy all of the time. What is the best part and worst part of the "job"? Also, are you worried Kellen Davis Womens Jersey about losing to me in Red Zone this year? TMR: As two-time champ of our Fantasy Football Now (Sundays, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. ET on ESPN2) Red Zone competition, I'm good for now, though you are off to a hot start. Talk to me midseason. With the understanding these are all very high-class problems, the "worst" parts of my job: The schedule is demanding. I work seven days a week; being in the public eye means you always have to be "on" and answer someone's questions about their team even if you're exhausted, look like crap and just want to grab a late-night taco or use a public restroom at a concert. I love this column, but it's like a 5,000-word term paper due every week. Many facets of social media are also taxing, along with the idea that I am supposed to win every league I'm in or nail every single prediction. I'm human. The best parts of my job are way too numerous to mention, but here's a quick list: people I've met both at ESPN and because of the job, the best podcast fans anywhere in the world, the absolute blast that is the daily TV show, getting to do things like FF Now on Sunday and then watch football all day with NFL legends, walking the halls of ESPN every day. I mean, hell -- the fact that I actually get paid to talk fantasy football all day. It's stupid how lucky I am. Adam Schefter http://www.jetsofficialsonline.com/Keyshawn_Johnson_Jersey_Cheap(ESPN NFL Insider): How do you handle the inevitable disappointment of not batting 1.000 on each of your starts and sits each week? TMR: If the process and analysis were good, I'm bummed but can live with it even if the result wasn't what I predicted. Process > Result. But I get mad when I've missed something in the data or film that would have helped me get to a better prediction. But I'm human and always learning. I make more than 200 calls on players a week, so it's impossible to nail them all. So I try to remember that and forgive myself. Also, staying off social media helps. But yeah -- when you have a big miss (and I had a few doozies last week), it sucks. Matt Barrie (SportsCenter): What was your legitimate reaction when you heard an anchor with the same name was getting hired? TMR: Honest answer is I was legit upset. I have a whole issue with my name, and I thought ESPN wouldn't hire someone else named, say, Jay Bilas or anyone they cared about. So I thought it was ESPN sending me a message. Then I saw you on air and met you and I was like: Great, he's really good on air. And he's super nice. I can't hate anything about this guy. It was, and remains, super annoying. Watch The Fantasy Show every weekday The Fantasy Show with Matthew Berry airs at 5 p.m. ET on ESPN2 every weekday. We will, however, be on ESPN on Mondays during the season. There are also late night re-airs (check your listings and set those DVRs) and replays are always available on WatchESPN by clicking on the NFL tab. Michelle Beadle (NBA Countdown/SportsNation): If you had to remove Authentic Julien Gauthier Womens Jersey the "dame" from one of them, whom would it be? Dame Judi Dench OR Dame Helen Mirren. And there is definitely a right answer here

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