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ilitary officers in Hubei, whether they approve Yang Qiu, but the military government establishes behind always with the center from reside, the troops also call now national defense soldier, so ineluctable Alex Carter Authentic Jersey take last of one silk the center power, how can would like to hand over to the northern side the right arch. See everyone's emotion some concussions, Sung teaches Ren to hurriedly start to say:"Chen China don't is hasty first, the gram is strong to is also house to for the country write to think.Now the south is everywhere although in succession independent, the influence of northern side is still very big, again beat next suffer hardship suffering of be still common people, you have never seen Ameer Abdullah Authentic Jersey the filial piety open behind did the common people here all run?Force to become distitute and homeless, the hungry Piao is everywhere to be what republican behind should appear, Mr. Sun Wern would not like to even see, so the gram is strong this also is to think early some be overs, give the world mankind the opportunity of the breather." Sung teaches Ashawn Robinson Authentic Jersey Ren to continue to say:"The republican affirms and holds a parliament election after, even if is a big president to also want to be forborne by parliament, he promised us and then can lend a parliament to slowly weaken north now ocean influence, be not fight force with force than now better?" Yang Qiu's subconscious shook to shake head, can see from the this time words, Sung's teaching Ren is an idealism politician, on wishing to separate that thing transplantation of three powers in the United States to come over, used the right that the parliament weakens president and troops, the problem was an end he this thing even the allies that wants back right away will the eldest brothers didn't approve, 2 people at last and still just a president system still a parliament system up part on bad terms, cause allies' willing thoroughly split up, besides is a Yuan a life time Kai. Disputing these now is still too early, and he doesn't hope as well to will get leave to excessively participate politics of reflect to be like, so deeply absorb tone to put a hand not to make an issue:"Escape Barry Sanders Authentic Jersey a beginning Sir, gram strong Sir, Chen China makes reference to bottom to be just a soldier, these affair I don't want to participate, at under just want to remind 2!Not the blood of the officers and mens ability white flows, don't want to be ungrateful to the heart of the revolution person with ideals and integrity's one loyalty of heart!" "The speech exerts hereat, two consider by himself/herself!"Yang Qiu says that finishing is selfish to walk to map before:"The little Yue checks suddenly the circumstance of battlefield, I am good to arrive a detailed loss report after an hour." He Xi Fan receives Brandon Pettigrew Authentic Jersey orders but go to empress he changed direction Zhang Ting to assist again and Qin Zhang Shu, the latter is before the under charge of Yue Peng of get dint stem will, is already two teachers now one trip trip long, say:"North ocean affirmation tomorrow offends more urgently, you respectively take out a regiment to strengthen or so two wingses, tonight son have to all deploy good enough.Is old what, reinforce the affair of bunker and dugout to also want to immediately start, let the new soldier who can move and all of people's mans go up, I want to see all defense lines to all rest to be whole to complete before tomorrow morning!" He after finishing descending all orders toward staying Cai Ji Min and Deng Yu Lin et al in the command post to see two eyes, carried to carry left X

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