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lum Xin home.He also means at the same time, Yang Qiu sends a soldier actually then he invites protect to drive to escort for the new government of, and swear assurance, Hunan will support revolution business Devin Street Jersey with all strength and declare to immediately choose 20,000 to set up national defense soldier in Hunan from four soldiers in the town originally calling up at the same time the fourth teacher rushes through to leave for Yue sun to accept the whole plait prepares into E to support at any time In command of move before the department here am still very busy, constantly and continuously needed to immediately arrange training from the new soldier who delivered of proper grounds, such as Chang and Doug Free Jersey Xiang sun...etc. after the filial piety, man the sun factory made everyday of the ammunition allotment and the food Mo carrying everywhere want to move train and carry to front line and also have tens of thousands people the man need to be managed and plus and start raining again for these two days, from collect the affair of raincoat, waterproof boots and press everywhere he breathes heavily however get up.Haven't these ended, this morning Hang ambition again hair call's reporting has already taken down long sand!Still tell is just choosing 20,000 with Tan Yan green strong the new soldier constitute of national defense soldier in Hunan the fourth teacher is led by Liu Yu Tang with arrive Yue sun five days later, the soldier duty department as soon as possible Emmitt Smith Jersey appropriates a gun to pay ammunition and faces so many affairs, Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi this is new appointee soldier duty department minister the felling brains hair bulge. Because ocean company with the rain gear belong to military supplies for from refused order, is making the sorrow seeks to there several ten thousand need of urgently rain gear of he hears and wants to Gavin Escobar Jersey increase 20,000 troopses, not only have no happy on the contrary face all white, hear Zhi in the door ah an again ring, simply head also don't lift to say:"Want Yao to my rain gear, the Yao fucks off!" "Ha ha, rain gear's pouring is to have no, 2,000 pole guns want don't ?" Acquaint with of voice let Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi's body one Zhan, raise head to just see Sung son pure to hang up a hat, smile happily to depend on to hope him by the side of frame in the door:"Is quite good, disappeared department chiefs to all become minister for several days, lead a son again, I saw defense secretaries should ascend." "Go to yours!You are different is a total chief of staff?!"Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi springs up come malicious embrace each other for a while, play to say with smile:"The female of the Chuan is affectionate, J.J. Wilcox Jersey do I still think that your boy is getting soer happy as to forget home and duty!" "My pouring is to think, regrettable this body flavorses all frightenned to run."Water that Sung son is pure to smile oneself to pour a glass attains a heap of full document of before the table, point to say:"See to you still true bitterness." "Be not, ah!"Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi greatly pours hard water:"The commander runs to before direct, Xiao commander says that he doesn't understand these, the affair that tube trains new soldier and man sun factory, Lao Tze now almost become housekeeper!You see to want me to collect 30,000 rain gears not to calculate in five days and still at a stretch pulled 20,000 new soldier

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