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A lot of people look good at the purchase of enhanced wood flooring, more willing to choose the color and texture uniform, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, man-made destruction of the overall style of the floor. Reinforced wood flooring in the design and manufacturing process, according to the texture of the wood itself to carry out, {HotTag} so in color and wooden front veranda design texture design will be different, ruled, even the pattern, the scar, the different texture is Creating the texture of the laminate flooring.

Room space all with a color or style room space function is different, bedroom, study, children's room, dining room function is different in the decoration will reflect the different elements, so the floor pavement should also be different. But now many consumers in vinyl fence privacy panels the floor to buy, often in order to save trouble, all use a color or style of the floor.

In fact, this phenomenon can be broken, like Ruijia room function based on the room can provide consumers with a perfect solution. The color is only the depth of the mind In people's consciousness, the color of the floor seems to only deep and shallow two colors, the concept of floor color is too single. In fact, when the floor synthetic teak cover boards to buy a lot of neutral colors of the floor, consumers can according to their own home decoration design style to a reasonable match.

Tips: strengthen the wood floor color is different, choose from the visual senses to judge. Strengthen the wood floor of the color and texture of good or bad, largely with the quality of decorative paper has a direct relationship. The use of high-quality imported decorative paper laminate flooring and texture more realistic, more visual impact. Pay attention to the overall feeling of the room decoration, buy the best floor to the store. For not much experience in the decoration of the consumer, the purchase of the floor, the best to the store. Here, the professional designers will be based on your home composite picket fence white decoration style gives the best floor color scheme.

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