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With digital photography there are many ways you can share your pictures but for those really good photos Wholesale Brian Orakpo Jersey , most people still want to print them out and frame them for all to see.

In addition to framing and displaying your best pictures, there are several other reasons that you may want to print your photos. Here are some of the ways you can use printed pictures:

* Framed for the mantle, table and wall displays
* Posters
* Wallet pictures
* Memory books
* Greeting cards
* Photo crafts
* Photo competitions

Even in our digital day and age, we still have lots of interesting and beautiful things to do in print! But printing a photograph isn t as easy as selecting Print on your computer. Printing a quality print of a photograph is trickier than printing Wholesale Taylor Lewan Jersey , say, a flyer. These photo printing tips will help make the process easier so you can get better quality prints.

Digital Photography 101 Pixels Matter

Whenever you resize a photo on your computer, think first if you may ever want to print it. If you do want to print it, always save the original.

The first thing to understand is how many pixels are needed when taking a picture in order to get a high enough resolution to produce a quality print for the physical size you want. The best answer to this question is always use the highest resolution your camera offers if you want get good quality images.

Using the proper settings on your printer is also important to getting a quality picture. Look at your camera manual or the manufacturers recommendations on their website. Then use a photo editor to resample the photos to the appropriate dpi. If you re new to digital photo printing Wholesale Quinton Spain Jersey , dpi stands for dots per inch. . The more dots per inch, the smoother the picture grain and the better the image looks. Ink jet printers used today for printing quality pictures often have dpi resolution of around 1200 to 4800. This range of dpi will make quality prints that have around 140 to 300 pixels per inch.

Please note that the ppi or pixels per inch is the measurement for the resolution of a photograph taken with a digital camera, not to be confused with the height and width of the photo. For example a 200 pixel x 300 pixel photograph would be quite small, while a photo with a 300 ppi needn t be small because ppi refers to the quality not the physical size of the picture.

Digital Photography 101 Using the Right Type of Photo Printer Paper

Use photo printing paper and if possible that which is made by your printer s manufacture and is recommended for your model or model family. For projects like greetings cards Wholesale Johnathan Cyprien Jersey , use special card stock paper. You can find them online or at craft stores or office supply stores.

If you need high quality prints or extra large pictures, you can also go to your local photography store or order them online from a reputable retailer.

Have fun printing your digital images!

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