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Home improvement inspection and acceptance is not just the final acceptance of the installation and construction results, because many home improvement processes are hidden works, to ensure quality and peace of mind, it is recommended that important construction nodes need to be accepted. The acceptance on strengthening the floor we are divided into primary inspection and surface acceptance of both. First of all, take a look at strengthening the basic points of floor pavement inspection.

Before strengthening the floor pavement, ground grass-roots needs to be cleaned to ensure that no floating soil, no significant construction waste and so on. Before strengthening the floor pavement, the ground should be at or below the local balance of humidity and moisture content, non-wet construction. And to prevent the water from leaking to the ground, such as heating out of water, kitchen and bathroom interface and so on. General cement surface moisture content should be less than 2% (geothermal system should not be higher than 1.5%), the wooden floor should be 6% -10%.

According to requirements, the ground in the pavement, including laminate flooring, including the floor before the floor roughness to reach 2m by foot test should be less than 5mm. If the ground is uneven, you need to use tools to chisel, it is best to use self-leveling leveling process to ensure that the ground should not be uneven led to strengthen the floor after the installation of chipping, Qiqiao and other quality problems.

Ground material should be high quality qualified products, and the orderly fixed on the foundation, not allowed to loose. Tap the ground with a screwdriver handle or hammer to check if the ground is empty and peeled off. If the ground is empty or peeled off, you will need to reprocess the ground. Otherwise, after laying the floor for a period of time, there will be noise because the ground is not solid.

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