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donstairs012 3 months ago
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With torrid technological growth and advancements, the demand for highly innovative devices has also increased in several industries. When it comes to fashion and apparel industry, retailers and fashion stores demand 3D body scanner and measurements devices take the accurate measurement. With the help of 3D body scanning devices, it is easier to take a point to point measurement within few seconds. These innovative devices provide a host of benefits to fashion retailers and allow them to increase sales and business growth. Well, there are certain companies, offering the highest-quality 3D measurement devices, but nothing can match the quality standard of [TC]².

[TC]² is one of most trusted name fashion and apparel industry as it is offering them the highest quality 3d body measurement devices. They offer full-color body scanner, mobile scanner, image twin and many more. All their devices have unique mechanisms and specifications so employing them can exceed all your requirements in terms of a point to point measurement.

[TC]² manufactures 3D body measuring devices by employing technologies like crotch point detection, pattern grading, ERP system and related technologies. With such innovative technologies and advancements in devices, their products can provide you great accuracy in just 1 second. Installing their 3D based devices at your fashion retail shop not only allows you to increase your sales, but it also benefits your customers to get the perfect-sized garment. They can stay free from any hassle of trying so many dresses and then getting the fitted one.

Apart from fashion and apparel industry, [TC]² also benefit medical, 3D printing, research field, and fitness industry. These 3D body scanners and measuring machines several applications such as 3D printing, body shape analysis, and sizing surveys.

Hence, whether you need MTM/ bespoke solutions, image twin, TC2-19B 3D body scanner or mobile scanner, [TC]² can provide you all of them. You can also opt for their cutters and spreaders for production automation. If you have any doubt regarding their services and products or you are confused about which 3D measuring and scanning device you should choose, you can contact the expert team at [TC]². One of the experts at the company’s behest will assist you in the professional and friendliest manner possible.

To know more details, you can visit https://www.tc2.com/

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