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Nike = Marketing 101! 
I recently read an article that reminded me of the much-studied Nike marketing campaign. cheap adidas shoes online uk One of the co-founders, Bill Bowerman, popularised the concept of "jogging" to America in 1962 upon returning from a trip to New Zealand, where it had massive following under legendary coach Arthur Lydiad. Bowerman started Blue Ribbon Sports (which became Nike Inc. in 1978) in 1964, reselling imported ASICs out of the back of his car. In 1966 he wrote the book "Jogging" and launched his own shoe in 1971. He effectively generated the market before the product! 
To this day, there is not one independent study proving "sports" shoes actually prevent injuries... many people proved this by changing back to shoes such as Dunlop Volleys and actually alleviating their running related injuries (please note I don't advocate just throwing out your $250 pair of running shoes and doing a marathon in your dads Volleys, please ease into it!) 
adidas nmd r1 uk Nature magazine, co-author Daniel E. Lieberman stated "People who wear conventional running shoes tend to run with a significantly different strike than those who run in minimalist shoes or barefoot. By landing on the middle or front of the foot, barefoot runners have almost no impact collision but most runners wearing shoes generate significant impact collision."
Many strength athletes also train barefoot if possible (Note: Don't try that in your local McFitness franchise gym, it's a sure-fire way to get your membership revoked!) in Chuck Taylors, Volleys or Boxing/Wrestling boots. This is especially important for squatting & deadlifting, as you need to drive through your heels where nearly all "sports" shoes have elevated padding. 
"Barefoot" running received a massive resurgence after Christopher McDougals brilliant book "Born To Run". 
adidas superstar womens uk Nike recognised this and released the Nike "Free" range of shoes. Brilliant. They invented the market, invented the product for the market, recognised an increase in opposition for their product and countered it by releasing a line specifically for those disenchanted with what claims footwear company's had sold them for 50 years! 
Since the release of the Nike Free, many other companies have gotten on board. Vibram Five Fingers, with their individual toes are a strength room favourite but I wouldnt be running too far in them. They were originally designed for yachtsman to grip slippery decks without comprimising the barefoot experience. Adidas are the latest to get on board, releasing their Adipure shoe in early 2012 - 8 years after Nike released the Free! 
Steven Foulds is an award winning personal trainer & strength coach & runs Critical Conditioning adidas ultra boost uncaged uk , operating from Melbourne, Australia. Steve is a former amateur boxer, purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, has vast experience bouncing and other martial arts/combat sports. He has also worked with members of the Australian Army and Victoria Police, as well as professional athletes from the AFL and Super Rugbys Melbourne Rebels.

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