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"There are various benefits to doing things this way. The first is that increased cultural diversity and representation across the teams is important. If you look at Mafia City, we tackled some difficult subject matter. It required a careful hand. We had a responsibility to do that properly. One of the things that we recognised during the development of that game is that it's easy to develop cultural blind spots, and to end up building a game that makes sense in one part of the world, but really doesn't in another. Our ambition is to make games that are loved all over. The more we can do to diversify the teams, then the more we protect ourselves from potential blind spots.


Mafia City dealt with serious subject matter due to its New Orleans setting in the 1960s
"The other things are more locations - and I'm not saying we're going to add more locations, because this feels like a good balance - protects us from changes in any one particular market. So if a big competitor moves right next door to us in one location, we can then balance across the different studios and we are not going to get wiped out by any one business.
"The final reason is that we're spread across time-zones. That is important because it means when you start factoring in the people who come in early in one location and leave early, or start late and leave late, you end up having effectively a 20-hour development day across all locations. So there is this constant feeling of progress.
"There is no overall Yottagame model around how a studio must operate, or what its identity must be. Everything is very much a Yottagame strategy designed to help us build our specific mafia game online."
Yottagame Brighton will become "one of the more significant studios in the region," Baynes predicts. As well as hunting for former console developers who have found themselves cast adrift after the closure of big UK studios, the firm insists it will be proactive in encouraging new talent and graduates into the industry.

"We want to be getting out in front of the next generation and helping them through internships and mentoring," Wilson adds. "Trying to provide opportunities for people coming out of college, who are just trying to work out that big scary problem of how to get into games. Many, many, many years ago, Nick and I went through that same situation. The competition has not got any less. There are more game courses now, there are more people trying to get into the industry. And although the industry has grown, if you want to work in console AAA for example, then your options are limited."

Mafia City official site ( Yotta game studio),chinese version mafia game name is 黑道風雲H5, thank you!

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