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If you’re looking to start a home based network marketing business Zach Cunningham Limited Jersey , and you’re looking into different companies you can join, chances are you’ve heard of The LIMU Company. In this LIMU Company Review, I will go into the company, products, compensation plan and, more importantly Deshaun Watson Limited Jersey , what it truly takes to prosper with a company like LIMU.

The History Of The LIMU Company

The Limu Company itself was founded in 2003 by President Gary Raser (a well known direct sales veteran). LIMU has quickly established itself as a powerful opportunity with limitless potential. The LIMU Company has been a debt free privately held company since it opened its doors. LIMU products are now available in 24 countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia. In the past five years alone, LIMU has experienced record growth and enhanced stability. The LIMU Company has been a debt free privately held company since it opened its doors. The very weekend LIMU opened its doors, over 9 Women's Tyler Ervin Jersey ,000 applications poured into the office???s fax machine in two days??? time. It speaks to just how much LIMU???s Members believed in the power of Fucoidan and wanted to build businesses around LIMU ORIGINAL. LIMU has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, the Wall Street Reporter, Direct Selling News Women's Braxton Miller Jersey , USA Today, Your Business at Home, Women???s Health and Fitness and Network Marketing Business Journal.

When Gary J. Raser came across a rare and relatively unknown sea plant called limu moui (or limu), he didn???t immediately understand what it was he???d uncovered. He???d been searching for something to fulfill his vision of developing a superior liquid nutritional supplement and he recognized, right away, that this could very well be it. Gary learned that limu was regularly used in Tonga to treat everything from intestinal problems and infections to skin problems and injuries Women's Keke Coutee Jersey , and that it was added regularly to the islanders??? daily diet. In fact, they considered it the secret to living happily. The plant contained within it a unique marine bioactive by the name of Fucoidan, something that had been extensively studied by scientists across the globe. In fact, More than 850 unsolicited, third-party scientific studies have touted the benefits of Fucoidan. Those studies detailed its significant properties as a supernutrient; once he knew that, he could no longer stand idly by. Leaning on his rich business and network marketing backgrounds Women's Jordan Akins Jersey , Gary absolutely knew he needed to let others in on what it was he???d come across. On one hand, this signified the end of his search. On the other, it was a beginning.

Lastly, from a marketing standpoint, they have also been endorsed by many celebrities and sports stars, like Olympic Gold Medalist & 12 Time World Heavy Weight Champion Kurt Angle and 3-time Olympic gold medalist Rowdy Gaines. It could be said that The LIMU Company has vastly expanded upon what companies like Tahitian Noni Women's Martinas Rankin Jersey , Xango and Monavie paved the way for.

What Are LIMU’s Products?

LIMU ORIGINAL was the first product line to hit the market, providing a nutrient-rich dietary supplement at a reasonable price. This liquid supplement blend contains the only proprietary Fucoidan extract available to consumers. Comprised of 83% pure limu moui plant, LIMU ORIGINAL includes additional botanicals and vitamins, which enhance the overall effectiveness of this innovative superfood. Imbibing 1 to 4 ounces of delicious LIMU ORIGINAL per day will improve both your health and your physical appearance.

LIMU LEAN is a groundbreaking product line that combines nutrient-rich Fucoidan with botanicals proven to aid individuals in achieving their physical fitness goals. The comprehensive LIMU LEAN plan includes a comprehensive digestive health cleanse, meal replacement shakes, an appetite controller supplement Women's Justin Reid Jersey , a LIMU LEAN coach and a 90-day health plan. The holistic support LIMU LEAN provides ensures that no individual need settle for less than optimal health and fitness levels.

LIMU ENERGY is an effective, Fucoidan-rich energy drink that is chock full of additional fruits, vitamins, herbs and minerals to keep you sharp and alert when it mattes most. Packaged under the hip BLU FROG label, LIMU ENERGY provides a perfect pick-me-up for health and sport enthusiasts on the go.

The Compensation Plan

1. Retail Profits
Buy wholesale. Sell retail. Keep the difference.

2. Fast Track Bonus (Paid Weekly)
Earn immediate rewards for sharing our products and sponsoring new Members that purchase a Fast Track Pack. This bonus is paid on Fast Track Pack orders, and is your opportunity for immediate income!

3. First Order Bonus (Paid Weekly)
This bonus pays out immediately on your first order for any products purchased other than the Fast Track Packs.

4. Level Bonuses (Paid Monthly)
Beginning with the second order Women's Benardrick McKinney Jersey , Level Bonuses are paid based on product sales within your LIMU organization, and are paid up to 8 levels deep on dynamically compressed volume. This is a great source of long-term income!

5. Ultimate Auto Program
Reach and maintain a Paid As rank of 20K and earn a $600 monthly bonus for the purchase or lease of a black BMW. Or select the Ultimate Cash Bonus of $300 per month.

6. Cash Bonus
One time cash bonus paid after first time you reach Paid As rank for three consecutive months.

7. Equity Compensation Program
This is an opportunity to earn ownership in the company you helped build. Qualification begins at the 500K rank.

8. Pro Rata Bonus Pool (Paid Monthly)
Representing 5% of company volume, every LIMU Member at the 20K rank and above earns a pro rata share of the Bonus Pool based on group AutoShip.

Is The Limu Company A Scam?
One thing is for sure, The LIMU Company is not a scam and is a very successful and solid company.

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