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The inspection that is original to end by the end of July until just end once in August Nanking, the good news that answers La oil-field in Su door hasn't arrived, Cai E but because the travel weariness Alejandro Villanueva Youth Jersey from overwork fell sick, but the nobody thoughts of, this Qingdao battle becomes famous and enjoy high prestige the national defense soldier support of world fall sick behind have never stood up any further. Yu Ren wants to be to cure the second clearly but due to Japanese tradition have to wait greatly is dying just can be inherited, German small beard and future generations sell a pirate edition disc of Antonio Brown Youth Jersey similar still hide at corner of the street in hair brochure.The this bushy beard of Stalin is having a headache how to make dead to make despotism after giving the promise Ci the radicle, handsome small gave birth to Roosevelt to just change navy to take to follow into officialdom, Qiu fatty just in the congress big four promote Soviets threat theory. Although each busy each everyone hasn't handed over to gather,Yang Qiu don't dare carefree, he knows to talk about true level he ability drive this severals has fun physically disabled, so determinedly carry through the proverb that the stupid bird flies first. So the day that leaves in 1922 he mainly works is continue perfect people's livelihood reform, and push congress as early as possible completion the China republic patent method and China republic Arthur Moats Youth Jersey social premium bill.These two bills are the important events of 1922 end, also the important event that relates to national industry to healthily develop.In order to as early as possible push bill, Yang Qiu not only write on the newspaper to send out to appeal in person, request to respect knowledge and exaltation worker's treatment, particularly woman worker treatment, speed a technique worker training speed, increase to establish to wait many etc.s in the technique school, also leave for Shanghai, Guangzhou in person, man the sun etc. industrial region to collect data and walks into a worker to in the center understand their viewpoints. Although these Artie Burns Youth Jersey affairs is unattractive, but show whole country's more and more huge worker's groups hope.At his appeal under, the congress up and down don't dare to neglect to completing lawmaking in the end of the year and approve scathing 《China republic worker social insurance bill 》 and requests that all earnings organizations, such as business enterprise, factory, farm and store...etc. in R.O.C have to provide labor contract for subordinate worker, the labor and management is pro rata to pay medical treatment and old age pension monthly, and the Ministry of Finance still still establishes a specialized organization management for this money. New bill birth chaperonage in the head quarter bother, in the literacy rate under the high circumstance a lot of workers all don't understand, because they discover to get hold of of Qian Shao, inquire owner after just know many social premium of being all taken to pays, so still caused a very small disturbance.O.K. pass explanations, such as newspaper and radio station...etc., know as long as in fixed time paying an agency to protect a gold, in the future retire behind can annually take pension.

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