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sticky-tiles 12 months ago
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No skill needed even you are a beginner when you do a tiling backsplash job with the peel and stick vinyl tile

The easiest and affordable way for a beginner to do a tiling backsplash is using peel and stick vinyl tiles.
The item most homeowners have trouble with is they don’t know how to install the backsplash tiles, or how to grout the tiles on the wall. Tiling a backsplash with mosaic tiles used to be complicated, but today manufacturers offer mosaic tiles in sheets. That makes the process of laying them much easier. Almost anyone can lay tile straight and with even spacing but grouting requires technique. if you use the peel and stick tiles, there is no grout or extra glue needed, the tile is self-adhesive, just peel the back paper, stick and impress the vinyl tiles on the wall, you can do it yourself in a short time with a little budget.

sticky-tiles 12 months ago
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what is anti glare what is glare iphone anti glare screen protector With the popularity of smartphones and iPads, electronic screens have become the “second organ” of human beings, followed by a large amount of glare.

The danger of glare has become a problem that cannot be ignored, and it will cause both physiology and psychology problems.

Even some ophthalmologists worry that in the next 30 years, when the “mobile phone generation” gradually grow old, the number of blind people may explode on a large scale.

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What Is the Addtional Performance of Eye Care Tempered Glass Guard Film Replacement for iPad Pro 11 2018 By PERFECTSIGHT:

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2.5D Curved Edged Design prevents chipping, providing enhanced safety and greater compatibility with a variety of cases, work perfectly

  • 9H Hardness, Scratch Resistance, Shatter-Proof by Chemical Strengthen in 4 hours;
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  The anti-glare special coating for iPad Pro 11 2018 model gives the surface a smooth feel and sensitive to touch, even with damp fingers. It also provides a anti-fingering coat so that screen of your phone will remain clean and shinny

  • 0.33mm thickness, thinner more than you want;
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Blue light is everywhere in digital screen’ world. But you might be wondering what does all this screen time mean for our eyes?

If you’ve ever searched the subject on google, you probably came across the term ‘blue light’. Yes, screens emit blue light. But is it all bad? Do you know about the effects of blue light? Who needs protection from blue light ? What can you do to protect your eyes from blue light? And how to test the value of blue llight from blue light filter?

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