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<p>The pump can be transported at - 30 100 C with viscosity of 0.3 800mm2/s without corrosive or non-corrosive liquid medium such as solid particles. Various types of metering pumps can be assembled according to the requirements of frequency conversion motor [can receive 4-20 mA current signal] or explosion-proof motor. Please refer to the sample of our company for its specifications, specifications and parameters.</p><a href="https://www.evpvacuum.com/vacuum-equipments.html">">vacuum equipments</a>

<p>The hydraulic diaphragm metering pump usually provides the user with independent parameters. It can also manufacture different combinations of different sizes and specifications of the same chassis or specifications according to user needs. Multi coupling is suitable for the proportional distribution of various media in the process.</p><a href="https://www.evpvacuum.com/roots-vacuum-pump-model.html">roots vacuum pump model</a>

<p>The pump can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, food, paper, atomic energy technology, power plants, plastics, pharmaceuticals, water plants, environmental protection and other industrial and scientific and technological departments. It is used to accurately and quantitatively deliver liquid without solid particles to pressurized or atmospheric vessels and pipelines. Its flow can be adjusted continuously from the 0-100% range when it is switched on or fixed. According to the characteristics of metering pumps, the minimum stroke is generally not less than 10% of the total stroke. Single-cylinder pumps are suitable for single liquid occasions; combined pumps can be used as proportional pumps or parallel pumps; pump combinations can be used as three-proportional pumps, or three pumps in parallel, to achieve a larger displacement, increasing the pulse frequency of the liquid, and promoting the use of liquid. Continuous and smooth joins.</p><a href="https://www.evpvacuum.com/roots-liquid-ring-vacuum-system.html">">roots liquid ring vacuum system</a>

<p>Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump is featured by high pressure without leakage, and is widely used in the transportation of flammable, explosive, volatile, strong corrosion, radioactive, highly toxic, suspended liquid and expensive liquid media to achieve the purpose of high-pressure liquid filling.</p><a href="https://www.antsalliance.com/news/Rotary-vane-vacuum-pump-working-principle.html">Rotary vane vacuum pump working principle</a>

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