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What are the special heating pipe materials for floor heating? PP-R has high temperature resistance, long service life, good welding performance, easy installation, and the strength of the joint is greater than the strength of the pipe itself; the disadvantage is that the low temperature performance is poor, the pipe wall is thick, and the thermal conductivity is low. At the same time, its creep resistance is making plansters from decking boards with plans also poor. PE-X has excellent temperature resistance, long service life and affordable price. However, PE-X pipe has poor thermoplastic properties and low thermal conductivity. It is currently in the floor heating system. The application hampton bay park bench replacement parts rate is slightly lower.

PE-RT has good stability, static hydrostatic resistance, convenient construction and high safety. It can be transported, constructed, aged and has a long service life in low temperature environment. It can be said that the current comprehensive performance price ratio is the best. Heating pipe. Precautions for the selection of floor heating special pipes According to interior ceiling wood cladding ideas for valentines day the use occasion, choose the appropriate floor heating special pipe, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment and ensure its service life.

It is necessary to pay attention to whether the thickness of the special heating pipe is up to standard. The commonly used wall thickness is 2.0mm, and the wall thickness will affect the pressure resistance of the pipe. When choosing a special heating pipe, pay attention to its softness. Generally, the flexibility of the PB pipe is better. When purchasing, you can see whether the appearance and the pipe are marked with the model, specification, brand, etc. You can touch the outdoor bench swings surface of the pipe with smoothness and whether the hardness is moderate.

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