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because he believes that affirmation still includes other matters, otherwise Stalin isn't so happy.Indeed as expected, Stalin after grinding to a stop a short while and then say:"Just of the telephone is to don't Andrew Luck Authentic Jersey give Luo man the comrade beat to come, in addition to this news, he tells me another matter.Guest in the German special envoy especially the Luo will come to Moscow right away just, he hopes with us and discusses Poland problem.Shell benefit second comrade, this matter you must take care of everyone to like preparation and let again the Dan promise of day man comrade in person greet for a while." The shell benefit second eye eyebrow wildly jumps, Germany wants to Poland make moves! To know according to the Eric Ebron Authentic Jersey previous secret agreement, Germany would like to let half Poland take to believe a Soviets with Baltic Three Kingdoms.But the English method is a Polish ally, as long as Germany begins, equal thoroughly and give offense to an English method so who can also take care of the living in Iran?! Fu Luo the rare Luo man stand on the side to see 2 people all become pleased spirit ocean ocean, the beginning hasn't understood what is the row, until will just of the words are small and soft think time, Jack Mewhort Authentic Jersey just understand to come over to excitedly come forward a way:"Total secretary, what designation do you have to the comrades of Gao Jia Suo's soldier?" "H'm."Stalin be satisfaction Fu Luo rare Luo man this clever strength head, the tone becomes resolute and says:"To tell the nether comrade fight for Iran is a very important affair, this matter you have to go to and arrange in person.To make the comrades seeing clear this is the imperialistic scheme, the wild diagram attacks from both flanks us especially from Afghanistan and sand.These schemes are the crime to the Su Wei Ai, the crime that threatens great Soviets territory.20 year agos, they make use of Su Wei Ai the early disorder of the establishment, big four rob the machinery equipment of our country, under the help of still just British and American imperialisms, seize unilaterally our country territory!Su massacring the work agriculture T.Y. Hilton Authentic Jersey Red Army warrior and loyalty Wei Ai party member, beautiful sea cucumber Wei and rich eastern Siberia, also have cow sheep large groups eastern Kazakhstan, Allah wood diagram and Anne gather to postpone these places to all illegally annex by force.The Chinese black hand tries to stretch into an our country again now of Gao Jia Suo and Caspian Sea region, this isn't forgivable! Want to let the troopses of Gao Jia Suo and Caspian Sea all mobilize, clearly tell each the war member, they is an improbity, craftiness and don't fold the enemy of means in front.All GC party members want to immediately go to move, launch crowd and work well to fight a war that protects a national interior region safety."

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