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Zhang Xiao Zhun is thought more to is the full general that can pick up Cai E Ban, even if white Chong Xi the Class is a little bit low, but his faith and early years beat the next private relation in Persian gulf, Cameron Jordan Authentic Jersey everyone can also accept.But Xu Shu Zheng has already had been allowing battle department staff officer after European War, three year agos returning is adjusted logistics, a lot of persons defied to annoy. But everyone don't dare to ask Yang Qiu and have to go to Yue Peng with the vision. Yue Peng equally didn't explain, in fact this matter only has him and Sung son Be pure to know inside situation.Xu Shu Zheng is to have true skill, particularly be good at organization!Only Drew Brees Authentic Jersey because moderate Li Lie Jun to contend for Feng for European War, after the event also intentionally takes a people's party identity to say a matter, so be intentionally pressed down by Yang Qiu.Who also have never thought, this pressing is more than 20 years.But make people delighted BE, this small fan didn't live in self-abandonment on the whole, not only completed all national defense universities during the period of allowing staff officer studies, also go to 12 countries to investigate study, in command of lead four countries of sharp knife a drill, these several years and then the logistics deal with of only have, if be not be pressed of too long, perhaps have already exceeded Zhang Xiao Zhun. The theory Marshon Lattimore Authentic Jersey fights, northwest this place the good hand of a heap of, Long Yun, in response to Qin and Li Yu national capital than he severe, of so Be in use he, in addition to in consideration of age give he a promote full general commander-in-chief even of in addition to opportunity, is also consider Soviets once being large-scale to make a surprise attack, oneself this place affirmation will appear brief disorder, need a general that can quickly bring order out of chaos longer than organization stay in. Although everyone has many worry in uncertainties,the national defense soldier is from the construction beginning strictly request to obey orders, particularly this time, who dare to raise tail to lightly then dismiss from post heavy be shoot to death! Xu Shu Zheng is Michael Thomas Authentic Jersey beside also radiant in the eye, his waiting is really too long this day. After holding a meeting, Yang Qiu again and person's companies, such as Xu Shu Zheng and He Xi Fan...etc. measure the concrete military tactics beat a method all of a sudden, this just prepare to return to a sleeping.Xu Shu Zheng just wanted to thank to Yang Qiu and the Yue Peng and after death rang out urgent Gao Han Sheng while walking to doorway. "President!The premier telegram urgently!Just, the Soviets ambassador's Pan's friend new side sees premier to we next reached the ultimatum that withdraws troops especially from Afghanistan and sand!

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