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The navy is 120 millimeters of/L56 Gao Ping Liang's using cannon is all full-automatic to pack to play, every minute 15-22 hairs, beginning soon 834 meters/ per second, the biggest artillery range is Gerald McCoy Authentic Jersey 15 kilometers, to empty the biggest artillery range 11337 meters.Xiang river has 6 pairs allied, before or after one for each, or so two for each.Ling class Qin's destroyer also all front two empresses a decoration of 3 pair allied together style warship cannon.Three warships full speed opens fire at the same time of the power is astonishing, short minute 367 shells have already blasted open in Su's military airplanes! The air alarm rings out soon, white Chong the Xi be covered with a soldier to pack to hurtle into battle.Li Ming Rui points at a map introduction circumstance:"Is a navy radar detection of, should be to want to make use of the crevice of the bright front of a sky, make a surprise attack oil-field and airport.The navy has already gone up, I still notify that the sand sends especially and already Jacquizz Rodgers Authentic Jersey the airplane protects benefit graceful get." "What about domestic?" "Have already sent telegram." "Ha ha, return is really a persimmon to seek to softly knead and spot us to consume not to rise." Although the soldier title didn't ascend an one step,the soldier title can formally become group soldier commander in Persian gulf, the white Chong Xi is still very happy, and feel the deeply pressure of shoulder at the same time.In fact Afghanistan battle already will greatly Su after cleaning all of soldier weakness the revelation come out, Wu Pei Fu even says that sand emperor's soldier in Mike Evans Authentic Jersey the Su's soldier still not equal to European War middle in nowadays contains fighting strength after going to Afghanistan and on the spot investigating in person.This is probably some exaggerated, but fact also about.If not is blamed plateau mountain area and road, if not is can the man is active to embrace several 100,000 battalion constringencies regiment, plus total three also not be eager to prompt settlement sweat, on the contrary wait earthquake intensity conflict to constantly rotate in the exploitation the troops toughens, afraid of whole territorieses in Afghanistan early recovered. But the white Chong Xi and group soldier staff officer department in Persian gulf still don't dare with the light heart, because of the storage on the their hand serious shortage!The whole Arabia is going to Persian gulf, only sand especially with there is independent arsenal works in Iran, but can produce small arms ammunition.Even if sand especially in China help under the establishment O.J. Howard Authentic Jersey rise ammunition, vehicle even airplane construction factory, but original material all depend outside buy.So don't see 2 soldiers, total troops already over 200,000, but true if beat high strength to offend a war, this can insist for 3-4 months.As for the sand transfered funds to come over especially Iran troops of troops and paper noodles, white the Chong Xi basically have never considered to let they war, because provide not to rise.

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