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the positive protection was 120 millimeters of equal to all quality steel plate, the on the side also had 60 millimeters of 31 tanks, Su soldier tank could acquire the advantage on the amount.Is end Khalil Mack Authentic Jersey in the confused conflict in evening, two camps lose 8 prices by oneself, with one action the shot ruins 39 T34s and pay to get 11, rest 14 exploitation night view release a smoke to escape a time tile private. After losing covering of tanks T-34ses, from Er ten thousand virtuous go ashore of 21 infantry division round type armor the camp greatly deliver might of god, with 36 LZ33 hunting dog round type armoured vehicles and four 35 hunt the tiger tank Jian shot car for cover, under thermodynamic powers support that fours 155 millimeters of lead the howitzer and 3 escort a warship, throw in Mitchell Trubisky Authentic Jersey three infantry camps and a combat engineer corp's camps, take over two camps to start aggression to 235 infantry divisions of Su's soldier. Although trap to guard two Sus of Ba Dan the soldier infantry division's some times all the city match attack from both flanks,be all put together by three 120 millimeters of warship cannon of the territorial waters class escort warships of the river surface and two camps of Zhao San Biao dead to hold up.It is clear to finally arrive every day the second, Su's soldier 235 infantry division the whole line collapse.Because 235 teachers surrender, tile the private go to Ba Dan's road be cut off, southwest petroleum in Iran and strategic key figure Ba Dan be thoroughly surrounded. On August 6, 1939, group Roquan Smith Authentic Jersey soldier in Chinese national defense soldier, Persian gulf takes the inside space harbor as bait and lure the Su's soldier increase to aid toward the east at the same time, suddenly with an armor regiment and an infantry division is in Arabian river river mouth of Er ten thousand virtuous regions make a forced landing debarkation and only used 1 to surround Ba Dan, capture sand generation sweet and shell He shell man.Morning till the second day, after space harbor be also offended by 21 infantry divisions to sink, inside's total devotion of the aggression troops have already increased into five teachers. August 7 goes up, 22 independent armor regiments three camps are under the Ran south leading of Xuan, shell He shell the man arrive to sand generation after handing over to the brothers troops sweet.Li Jin who Tarik Cohen Authentic Jersey owns two armor camps and an infantry regiment troopses doesn't hestitate, immediately to 30 kilometer outside of tile the private start aggression.Navy aviation the soldier also throw in 112 battleplane matches army.Till 3:00 p.m., a camp has been already offended to break tile private south suburb Su soldier defense line, three camps round a northern side more and match with to use to transport machine hurl to send to Ji mulberry virtuous light infantry regiment and with one action surround five Sus and military advisers at not enough 15 square kilometerses of tile the private is inside the city.

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