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But the tile private's battle's winning is affirmative, because is captive 110,000 Su soldier now just at is Ba Dan Deng's ground coolie, the little part is sent into the space Shi Mu island. The facial expression of Andrew Luck Authentic Jersey farmland iron mountain is always more dignified, he has ever been to a Soviets and goes deep into more to once understand Su's soldier.Although rice Er Yi any and the thou escape to cause industrial system of Soviets' getting hurt than the Pan of snow man and also cause to clean afterwards and greatly, Stalin to soldier work have never relaxed, contrary along with China threat continuously increment return with Japan similar prepared for many years in advance.Particularly being army, the latest tank and big gun doesn't say Japan, even see Europe and America eye Chan, how can thus defenseless?If the Soviets can not effectively lead long to make China, Japan again should what should one do? Thought of these, Eric Ebron Authentic Jersey the farmland always feels stifling and carelessly asks a way:"Gang village gentleman, is what affair want to let you come to Kyoto in person?" Gang village rather time this just thinks of just- received big news and immediately resumes an excitement:"Great commander broke out!The outbreak of war of Europe!" "What is the row!"Tu suddenly it come of news, let always farmland iron mountain and soil are fatty wise at first two all suddenly one earthquake.Gang village rather the time immediately took the Jack Mewhort Authentic Jersey offensive German Army the news that Poland and English method bottom reach an ultimatum to say out. But let Gang village rather time and soil are fatty at first wise two oddnesses of BE, always farmland iron mountain face up of pleased maintenance in less than several seconds, again cold must can pare off a few ice frost.Gang Cun doesn't understand that slightly pulling soil is fatty original:"Great commander this BE?" The soil is fatty wise at first two have already guessed unclearly farmland always the idea of iron mountain, say:"Gang village gentleman, European outbreak of war are a good news to us, but is also a great crisis!The explosion of war, let the English method have no the dint take care of Asia again and plus this time tile the private's glorious results in battle, their affirmation will be like similar drew together to pay that person last time, so should soon promise to pay that person's request!Eastern and Bin mountain dollars of soldier department all have been hoping to immediately seize second Na islands of Mali and Philippines now, the navy also supports this plan, but if paid that to be like to join English method one square so last time, make moves the T.Y. Hilton Authentic Jersey words of obstructing the our country, afraid of empire and then have to face and pay that in advance of overall war!" The soil is fatty wise at first two say right, farmland iron mountain heart bottom always really regrets very much.The south is what he operates all alone into the plan, but he really had never thought nearby at that time of neighbor already thus strong!If can re- choose, his affirmation can't make what south enter.Can already see from the circumstance in nowadays.Previous 20 years, autumnal equinox clearly be intentionally inhibit troops, particularly is navy is continuously also a restriction, then concentrate a strength development aviation technique, practice army new military tactics.This makes him judge false, thinking can depend on navy's advantage to quickly swallow Southern Asia, then make use of the resources buffer of Southern Asia for 3-4 years.

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