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The best ecological board for making a wardrobe The eco-board is made of blockboard for the substrate. After the wear-resistant, fire-proof and waterproof treatment, the plate is more sturdy and durable, the surface is smooth, the color is bright, the deformation is not easy, and the plate is easy to process. Ideal for wardrobe furniture. The best plywood plywood is the deck material price calculator best material for interior decoration and furniture. Plywood is mainly used for various wood products such as panel wardrobes, background walls and ceilings, and is used for the bottom panel of decorative panels. The best veneer veneer is the kind of plate that is hot pressed by add a rail to a deck natural wood.

This kind of plate has bright color, beautiful pattern and clear texture. It is the main material for making furniture, but this kind of plate should pay attention to Do a good job of moisture protection and avoid mold, blackening and other problems caused by moisture. The best solid wood board solid wood board texture is natural, strong, environmentally friendly, hygroscopic and plastic wood floor grain texture mat breathable is very good, but the price of solid wood board is high, the construction process is high, and it is one of the main materials for making wardrobe.

The best blockboard blockboard for the wardrobe has the advantages of high strength, hard quality, sound absorption, heat insulation, smooth surface, and not easy to be deformed. It is widely used in wardrobes, doors and windows, partitions, etc. This kind of plate is afraid of moisture, so be careful not to use it in conceal fixings decking sheet porch kitchen and bathroom decoration.

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