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The advantages of solid wood Environmentally friendly and non-polluting. High strength and good carving. The decorative effect is good and the texture is clear. Poor stability, easy to deform, will be affected by moisture content and temperature. There are natural such as tree knots, insect eyes and so on. There are differences in color, and wood imposition has a price of wood plastic panels natural color difference. The types of plates that are worn out at the time of production are solid, durable, and clear in texture. They are the preferred materials for manufacturing furniture.

However, the cost of solid wood is relatively high, and the construction process is demanding, so it is used less in many households. MDF MDF can be divided into high density board, medium density board and low density board according to plastic wooden floor catalog the material. The MDF material is soft and easy to process. In foreign countries, MDF is a high-quality material for making furniture. However, since the national standards for height plates are several times lower than international standards, the quality of MDF use in China needs to be improved. The decorative panel decorative panel is made of plywood and is made by the pasting process.

It has a pergola patio for sale Africa single-sided decorative effect. Its splint has a special way and the thickness is 3%. This kind of sheet is a kind of advanced which is different from the mixed oiling method. Decoration Materials. The blockboard blockboard is actually a large core board, which is made by two pieces of veneer. The price of the large core board is cheaper than that of the thin core board, and the vertical bending resistance is poor, but The transverse bending strength is high. Particleboard Particleboard is a kind of sheet which is pressed with wood chips. The advantage of this type of sheet is that it is cheap, but the disadvantage is that it is wood polymer ceiling inferior in strength and is not suitable for making large or mechanically demanding furniture.

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