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TORRANCE, Calif. Cheap Jazz Jerseys . -- Karch Kiraly knows a little something about bringing home Olympic gold. After all, hes done it three times, in the 1984, 1988 and 1996 Games.He was also the first player, male or female, to win Olympic gold in both indoor and outdoor volleyball. In short, Kiraly, 55, is one of the most decorated players in the sports history.Now, as head coach of the U.S. womens indoor volleyball team, he hopes to take Team USA to its first Olympic gold medal when the Rio Games start next week. In both 2008 and 2012, the team won silver -- and in 2012, Kiraly was an assistant coach for the squad.We caught up with him to find out how he switched his mindset from athlete to coach -- and get his best piece of advice for coaching Olympians.espnW: Youve been to the Olympic Games as an athlete. Whats it been like stepping into a coaching role for Team USA? Certainly I got some nice practice at it as assistant coach in London. I think theres a tendency in sports that people who have had a lot of success as players dont necessarily make the best coaches, the most effective teachers, the most effective leaders. So I know Im fighting against that and trying to break that norm.But the other thing I have going for me is that unlike many other coaches out there, Ive been on the Olympic court and know what thats like and all of the challenges that come along with that.I plan to leverage that and try to help our team perform at the level wed like to in Rio, which should be the most amazing Olympic Games for volleyball when you combine how popular both sides of the sport are in that country.Is there an experience you remember from being at the Olympics that you draw on when you are coaching? I dont know that there is a single experience, but certainly its a bigger tournament by virtue of the fact that lots of people get to see volleyball that otherwise dont get to see it the other three years, 11 months and two? weeks [between the Games].And also because teams have been striving to try to do something special. You only get one chance every four years, and if it doesnt go your way, youve got to work hard another four years. Its not like losing a Super Bowl and coming back the next year. In a sense, there are some unique challenges there, and its not just in volleyball: Its every sport at the Olympics.Speaking to that a little bit, the stakes are so different when youre doing it every four years. How does it change how you approach things as an athlete and as a coach? We essentially work in four-year cycles because of the Olympics. People call them quads or quadrennia. There are big events each year that we focus on. Last year, it was the World Cup. Two years ago, it was the world championships. Those are major tournaments and in some ways tougher to win than the Olympics themselves and more challenging.But the Olympics is the tournament that gets a lot more attention in and outside our country. Its just a different beast and so we have to be able to approach it with a level of psychological flexibility. Theres gonna be a lot of adversity.Nobody wins a major tournament like that without overcoming gnarly adversity, and the team that does, wins. Thats a big a part of our preparation, is how to respond to the adversity that will inevitably happen at a tournament like the Olympics. It could be injuries, could be the bus tire gets a flat and we arrive three minutes before the start of a game. Could be things that we cant even imagine right now that are our response to is really whats important.What advice do you have for other coaches, at any level?I havent been coaching that long. Im pretty young, in coaching years. Ive really only been coaching since about 2007. I might be a little presumptuous to give anybody knowledge, but one thing that has helped me a lot is to approach it like, Every day, there are things to learn.You can become a lot better, as a player or as a coach, if you are a really dedicated learner, if you are what [author Carol Dweck] says in her book Mindset, in a growth mindset and embrace -- as hard as it sometimes is -- mistakes. If were not making any mistakes, were not learning fast enough. Were actually holding ourselves back if were not operating at the edge of our abilities.So you have to be willing to be OK with looking foolish sometimes, with making stupid mistakes, sometimes as a coach, as a head coach even. I think if I can be OK with that, I can be a better model for the rest of our program. Cheap Jazz Jerseys Authentic . With Parker having a quiet game for once, Nicolas Batum and Boris Diaw provided the scoring as France won its first major basketball title by beating Lithuania 80-66 on Sunday. It was a victory that ended a decade of frustration for Parker and a talented French generation, which lost the final against Spain two years ago and took bronze in 2005. Cheap Jazz Jerseys China .H. -- Matt Kenseth made it 2 for 2 in the Chase, holding off teammate Kyle Busch to win Sunday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. http://www.cheapjazzjerseys.com/?tag=cheap-grayson-allen-jersey . Arsenal failed to take full advantage of its main rivals stumbles on Saturday as substitute Gerard Deulofeu levelled with a hard shot from a tight angle in the 84th minute to give Everton a deserved point. Ahead of a crucial fortnight that will see them play against Napoli in the Champions League, Manchester City and Chelsea, Arsenal leads by five points ahead of Liverpool and Chelsea. Everybody has gone home from the fictional city of National Harbor, Maryland, after a week of making high-stakes trades and signings of a decidedly nonfictional nature. With the free-agent market being one of the weakest markets?-- if not the?weakest market -- ever, a lot of the focus of baseballs largest conclave was on a few giant trades. And one Giant trade.Because trades are all about the future, given that nobodys actually playing games at this moment and trading/signing the past exists only in science fiction and in the minds of executives who acquire Matt Kemp, weve run the ZiPS projection for each player who shuffled around this week.The teams are ranked by surplus value (expressed in wins), the projected difference between the total number of projected wins they picked up and the projected salary they expect to pay for the wins. However, dont assume this is a list of best-to-worst because its not. Surplus value is a tool, a basic number to look at, but teams rightly dont value all wins the same. Time is a very big deal in baseball, and if you have good reasons to believe that wins right now can get you to the playoffs or even to a champagne drenching in late October, giving up more wins much later to get wins now is not only justifiable but downright smarrt. Wholesale Jazz Jerseys. . After all, a Ferrari is a lot more valuable than a bucket of water, but if youre dying of thirst in a desert, youd much rather use $50,000 and overpay for the water than underpay for the Ferrari. OK, thats an extreme situation -- you wont typically find merchants in the Sahara Desert offering great deals on sports cars -- but you get the idea. Chicago White Sox: plus-31.8 wins. Yup, the Sox did darn well trading two of their core players in Chris Sale and Adam Eaton. No single player is a guarantee for stardom, although ZiPS does see Yoan Moncada peaking at four wins a season as the average result. But the amount of talent for the future they picked up was tremendous. This was the winter for the White Sox to start a rebuild. Although there were possible scenarios the past two years in which the team was playoff-relevant, the fact remains that they didnt work out, and the teams window of opportunity was nearly shut. In a market in which money cant buy great players because theyre simply not out there, what better time to shop players who would each be the most sought-after free agent if he had in fact been a free agent? ' ' ' 

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