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Today, what are the materials for the faucet body in the kitchen faucets manufacturers ?

Common metals are copper, zinc alloys, stainless steel, ceramics, and the like.

Copper is currently the most widely used and most suitable faucet material. Copper faucets are not 100% copper and are usually copper alloys. The copper used in most faucets is H59 copper, which has a low lead content and meets national standards. It does not directly harm the human body. Less than 59% are prone to quality and safety issues. Copper ions have a certain bactericidal effect, and copper faucets have good bacteriostasis and corrosion resistance. The copper faucet is resistant to abrasion, easy to process, and has a beautiful appearance. The surface is chrome-plated and has high gloss. The ceramic valve core is fastened with a full copper bonnet for long life, safety and durability.

Zinc alloy faucet is cheap in material, usually contains high lead content, easy to rust, easy to oxidize, and easily releases zinc, lead and other heavy metals after being corroded by water. The coating is easy to fall off, the material has poor toughness, and the service life is short, and it is used less now.

Because both copper and zinc alloy faucets are chrome-plated, many times only the surface is not well resolved, so ask when you buy it. First of all, pay attention to the price. Most of the dozens of cheaper copper faucets should be carefully selected, especially for some small brands. The quality assurance is not as good as the big brands. The price is hundreds and the material is all copper, which will be more reliable. It is best to choose a reliable branded product. The material can also be distinguished from inside the faucet. The interior of the copper faucet is uneven and light yellow; the inner wall of the zinc alloy is smooth and the color is similar to the appearance. The sample was ground to a portion, the interior of the copper was brass, and the interior of the zinc alloy was grayish white.

Stainless steel faucets are lead-free, corrosion-resistant and do not release harmful substances. They are a healthy, environmentally friendly and durable material. Therefore, the stainless steel faucet is safe to use, acid and alkali resistant, lead-free, and has no odor. It will not ooze harmful substances, pollute water sources, and affect water health. Stainless steel faucets are very hard and tough, more than twice as thick as copper faucets and are extremely durable. Kitchen products generally use 304 food grade stainless steel, which is very safe. However, the processing of stainless steel casting and cutting is more difficult and costly. The quality of the stainless steel water dragon head is more expensive.

The ceramic faucet shell is made of ceramics and has the advantages of no rust, no oxidation and no wear. The ceramic shape is more suitable for matching with ceramic sanitary ware products, which can add artistic sense and high value. However, the ceramic texture is brittle and is fragile and needs to be used with care. The price is not much different from the stainless steel faucet.

information about kitchen faucets manufacturers : https://www.afastainlesskb.com/product/stainless-steel-faucet/kitchen-faucet/
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